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Privacy-Minded-Social-Network-ReviewWe all are living in a digital era where technologies rule the world. From the starting of the day to the end, our all work is associated with technologies. Now, it also becomes simple to communicate with our friends and relatives who are living far from us.

With the help of social media apps, we can easily maintain a good relationship with everyone. There are various social media apps that allow us to communicate with others, share images, videos, and get information from all over the world in our smartphone.

Social media helps in removing the distance between peoples and allows them to share their activity with people all over the world and also see their activities. But privacy is always a major concern in these apps as you can’t believe in the security of these apps. But don’t be panic as now there are various such social media apps which are highly known for delivering privacy and MyBubblz is one such available app.

About the App

MyBubblz is one of the best social media apps when it comes to delivering privacy to users. You only need to start your phone, open the app store and download the app as an app is available on both Google play store as well as the Apple store.

MyBubblz is a social media app for privacy that allows the development of public and private bubbles and the sharing of images, videos, and socialization with strangers, acquaintances, families, colleagues, and cohorts, understanding that your privacy is covered. Only participants of the same bubble will see something uploaded. In this app, you can create two different bubbles such as private bubbles and public bubbles to ensure the privacy of your post.

Privacy-Minded-Social-Network..With the use of these bubbles, you can differentiate between your personal and professional life as for personal you can use a private bubble and for professionals, you can use public bubbles to protect your privacy.

Separate any part of your life by choosing correct bubbles is it personal or technical and that is the best part of the MyBubblz app.

How MyBubblz is Unique

The MyBubblz app is built to allow users to create public and private spaces to connect, interact with people of common concern from around the world, and engage in conversation with them.

Two different aspects of the app are as follows;

Private Bubblz

You have absolute power of access and content as the founder of a private bubble. The search results surround this bubble and only participants will be asked to join it.

Any updated material stays in the bubble and only other members of this private bubble will access it in the update.

Public Bubblz

Interact with users from around the world searching for bubbles that attract you. In this bubble, you can interact from all over the world and connect with them.

Features of the App


  • The best thing about the app is that it is a Private and stable social networking software that reveals what you share to bubble members and only allows them to see your post.
  • With the help of this app, you can share images, videos, and status with your members of different bubbles.
  • Curate and share private and public information with other members
  • The search engine can’t identify your identity as well as profile.
  • There is a notification tap for every activity.
  • The last and most important thing is that you can chat with any member or also create a group.


Anyone in this social media environment seeking privacy, whether intimate, educational, and business or others than MyBubblz is the best social media app for them. When it comes to delivering privacy then it is the best. The app consists of various features through which it ensures a great experience for users. It is also simple to use, navigate, and easy posting.


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