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Why Choose Fluper?

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Project Communication

Expand Your Business with Effective Project Communication Approach

Communication is considered to be the fundamental role in all aspects of business. Communication manifests that the project is not only successful but actually generates the real impact.

Here it is quite essential that the top management must come to the frontline and actively participate in the endorsement of the project communication plan. We, at Fluper, allows you to grow your business in UK, USA, & UAE with an exponential rate.

A project communication model frame a classic project ethics- from clear goals, quantifiable deliverables, a well-illustrated business case, a well-articulated project impact, recognition of formal ownership with pre-determined phases. These significant elements must be integrated with the communication strategy that would strive the optimum success.

Project Strategy


Start from the End

Important to clarify the final stage at the beginning of the strategy.


Elucidating Vision

Must be as specific as possible, own it and then communicate it all entire stakeholders.


Evaluate Current Orientation

Prioritising what to act upon regarding the internal strengths and weaknesses.


Sincere Evaluation

Define what actually to fix, what to capitalise on, where investment is essential and how to fetch highest possible ROI.


Defining Critical Goals

Proper defining of ownership, completion of data and accountability emphasizing the criticality.


Assessment of Goal

Regular examination and modifying according to the market change in order to drive accountability and potential results.



Persistence is indispensable to make the plan worthy.



Review, update and re-iterating annually.

Why Choose Fluper?

Fluper has become one of the fastest-growing organizations in UK, USA, & UAE

In order to strive the optimum success, our vision is divided into different Modules. Reckoning to the fact that success of project is not sufficient, it must be supported with equivalent real impact.

Amazing plan for App Development
  • "Offers pool of experts to hire dedicated Mobile app developers"

  • "Certified professionals"

  • "Amazing plan for post development, support and maintenance"

  • "Advanced Infrastructure"

  • "Guaranteed Revenue generation"

  • "Penalty enforcement in case of delivery delay"

  • "Self-intuitive UI/UX designs"

  • "Dedicated Team Allocation"

  • "Clearly streamlined communications system"

Ideal Communication Matrix

Level up your project with relevant communication

Fluper abides matrix how efficiently we communicate information to the respective project audience. While the matrix will be inclusive of the frequency to communicate as far as different type of communication and process of communication are considered. While we have a project communication management team, our project managers document the telephonic calls and meeting in order to post notes to the shared workspace. Our initiations meetings are divided according to the segments with respective targets, which to target, purpose, frequency and methods.

Project Charter

Here the target audience is all the stakeholders where plan is distributed in order to alert the stakeholders affiliated with the project scope with Project Repository.

Functional Leadership Team

Regularly scheduled meeting with the ultimate motive to strategize planning, project management, project leadership, question resolution with proper risk management.

Project Initiation

Perhaps the entire team is going to be the target audience. The main purpose of this meeting is to communicate the project communication strategy plan clearly while comprehensively discussing the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders.

Core Team

Proper evaluation of comprehensive plan in terms of tasks, assignments and plan of action. Proper reviewing of detailed project plan and setting up of issue and risk management with the frequency of meeting recommended bi-weekly for core team.

Status Reports

Considering all stakeholders and Business Process Management Team, it renders updates on the Communication management plan progress of the project to the potential stakeholders. This is more likely to take place in the form of project repository-SharePoint.

Functional Team

While helping with the project deliverables, expertise are provided according to the topics, and simultaneously contribute with the content according to the project plan.

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