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Business promotion plays an important role which must be scrutinised in order to give the best possible yield. But unlike the traditional mechanism of promotion which includes radio marketing, print media marketing, door-to-door marketing etc. in the digital era, there are different procedures with varying cost, global reach, access, and output measurement. Although the sources of promotion has branched out further but role of promotion has modified as time passed on.

Area Of Expertise

Competent Bloggers

Our team of skilled and experienced bloggers are subjected to latest happenings in the ecosystem which makes the promotion strategy successful.

Solutions Under One Roof

Services that are needed to make the promotion are catered under one roof with additional nudge so that the client can yield best out of the solutions.

Flexible Infrastructure

Our infrastructure enables our marketers to adapt new episodes and technology whole-heartedly so that our potential customers do not lost the pace of marketing trends.

Measurement & Tracking

Our campaigns are created according to the achievable goals which make it inevitable to outline a framework in order to track measurement.

What Promotion is All About?

Although promotion and advertising are more often considered to be synonymous but they aren’t. Advertising regarded to be one of the specific actions that is undertaken to promote the service or product. Promotion is the voice of the company which deploys the brand message in a louder way on the basis of goal, objectives and priorities of the company.

While undertaking the promotion schedule, the main motive is to expand the loyal consumer base with the invitation of new customers to try out the brand. This would not only enhance the brand awareness, but would deploy appropriate information with constant increase in traffic.

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Fluper Promotion Strategy

We know the importance of promoting an app. Therefore, we are not limited to only one method

Responsive Website

A Website is one of the components responsible to give better user experience that is well accommodated as per the device used. Google is rewarding all those sites that are fully optimised and uses mobile friendliness as one of the metrics as a ranking signal in search .


People are still in dilemma that whether blogging is still prevalent in the thriving social media marketing environment. In this era, if anyone opting for internet marketing, then online content marketing strategy is turning crucial. Fluper believes that content not only increase SEO/SERP.

Email Marketing

Since email is considered to be highly adaptable, and it has been a commendable option as far as marketing campaigns are concerned. It has been a flashier way to promote the business online due to its cost effectiveness, the possibility of global outreaching, easy access etc.

Social Media

Fluper do not believe in taking decision in scurrying manner. Social Media marketing which is not just a trend but best option to show the world what you are really capable of.

Search Engine

SEO is gradually turning out to be a better for the social promotion of website. People finding the website by searching Google, Bing or Yahoo are more likely to promote it on Facebook, Google+ or prevalent social media channels.

Amazing plan for App Development
  • Why Choose Fluper?

  • Fluper is a top notch Digital Marketing Company accommodating competent digital marketers. We have dedicated analysts where they perform comprehensive research and identify feasible grounds so that our clients can correspond the marketing pace conveniently. We have also earned reputation as online lead generation Service provider which has considerably made our holistic promotion strategy a true success.

    Fluper started as Mobile App Development Company and gradually enlisted as one of the top mobile app development company. With the ultimate motive to enhance ROI, we have created mobile apps that have established it beyond the horizon of innovation. Our skilled team of Mobile App Developers are flexible to absorb the latest technology.

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“Learning is something we focus on and with a team having expertise in their respective domain nothing is impossible.”

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