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Refund Policies

Coverage & Scope

Our refund policy includes the refunds by different brands or organizations owned by Fluper Ltd.

The policy

The policy doesn’t consist of any application for enterprises that are not regulated or owned by or the people not employed or administered by us.

Filing a Complaint

At Fluper Ltd., we take each project with the concluding output in prospect. Our team knows the significance of a perfect solution. Therefore, we consider that each attempt ought to be completed to attain a resolution that is entirely satisfactory if dissatisfaction associated with services occurs.

Simply at the time things are totally unwanted, the refund is supposed to be measured. We strive for the final objective to bring forth a mutually satisfactory solution. Still, if for some cause you are unsatisfied and want to opt for a reimbursement claim, it is requested to take out some valuable minutes, in order to get in touch with us at [email protected] for an ultimate dialogue before requesting a refund.

Type of Refund

We give you a 100% Money back if you are completely dissatisfied with our services. The refund is done within a time limit of 45 days.

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