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Google Pay Rolls Out  Massive Updates

Renowned e-pay app Google Pay has relaunched itself on November 18th with a gigantic array of recent options. Now, Google Play will include tap-to-pay, peer-to-peer, personal finance aggregation, full banking services, and customizable deals. The relaunch is for both iOS and Android platforms.

Three new tabs will be included in the latest version of Google Pay.

  • ‘Pay’ tab will include peer-to-peer payments and your transaction history using tap-to-pay
  • ‘Explore’ tab is where Google will offer deals and discounts
  • ‘Insights’ tab will allow you to connect your bank accounts to get an overview of your finances

Also, you will get an option to allow Google Pay to crawl your Gmail inbox and Google Photos account to look for receipts. Here, Google will be using the OCR technology to auto-scan and integrate them into your financial tracking making the transactions even more secured.

Reports suggest that in 2021, Googe will be associating with some banks to provide on-line checking and financial savings accounts inside Google Pay.- This service will be named ‘Plex.’ Google has a policy that it won’t share your transaction history with the rest of Google for targeting ads. – This means Google servers will have access to your data, unlike Apple Pay, so that it can be evaluated and made searchable for you in the app.

Let us now dig into the details of these new services.


As mentioned before in the post, the ‘Pay’ tab will be including tap-to-pay and peer-to-peer. It has been organized in a manner to offer extra data i.e. more than before. The initial set of icons shall be for your contacts, and once you tap any of them, it will open up a chat-like view of your payments to each other.

Here, you can set up group payments by creating a group of multiple people so that they can send and request money from each other. For instance, if you are splitting bills in a group, it will track who has and who hasn’t paid the bill yet. The normal payments via NFC tap-to-pay on Google Pay will continue without any hindrances, but Google is on the lookout to pay with other mediums. Below People and Businesses options, there are a couple of new buttons ‘Get gas’ and ‘Order food.’

The food option goes with Google’s existing food ordering system that is compatible enough for the company to claim its work with more than 1,00,000 restaurants. Meanwhile, in the ‘Get gas’ option, you will pay for gas or parking directly in the app instead of punching through the options on the gas pump or the parking pay station. According to Google, this service will work in 30,000 locations.


The ‘Explore’ tab is the place where Google will aggregate deals for you. By default, the tab will only surface generic offers here, but it will have the option to allow Google’s algorithms to analyze your transactions for customizing what offers appears.

Google won’t be sharing any data with retailers, although if you tend to use any of these offers, then the retailer will get an idea of what you did because you were spending money there.

The ‘Explore’ tab is engulfed with a barcode scanner and QR present at the top. You can use the scanner to make any payments, and also you can scan a product get knowledge about the product via Google shopping search.


‘Insights’ is the right-most tab in Google Pay. Here, the app will provide a lightweight version of apps that will give away the financial information in one static place. ‘Insights’ heavily integrates the ability of both searches to process data with Google algorithms.

Insights reveal the reports of your expenses after you connect your credit and banking accounts. -This process is done by scanning through transactions so that you don’t have to enter the same manually. Besides, you can share two more data sources. That is, ‘Pay’ your Gmail account and your Google Photos account. While using Photos, you can scan OCR to read the script automatically and comrade with the right transaction.

Insights might not be a fully-featured function as compared to some other of the same facet, but Google is betting the luxury of getting all things in one place that would be better than just sufficient.


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Plex is the new banking service that is scheduled for a launch in 2021. The service will help you handle basic checking and savings in the app directly from an online bank. Initially, Google will require some help from banks, and it has lined up 11 banks and credit unions to partner with already.

Time to wrap up: 

The updates to Google Pay are very ambitious. Opting for all these features means you have to access a rich set of well-integrated features so that you can get other ways of looking at your savings and expenses. In short, Google has nailed its e-payment app to the fullest.

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