Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform for regular communication with our family and friends. But at present it also become a major source of spreading fake news among users and due to this at the end of last year, the downloads number of popular messaging platform decreases upto 80%. It all was due to cyber-attacks, which humiliate human rights.

So, to avoid the spreading of fake news in the WhatsApp, researchers from three different universities, University of Pennsylvania, IE university, and University of Leiden suggest an idea to add a simple ‘doubt’ feature on the messaging app, so that the users can easily avoid fake or untrustworthy news on this platform.

Before successfully suggesting the feature, researchers from these universities conduct an experimental assessment on the effects of the features which helps in avoiding the fake news in the messaging app. Researchers found after research that by using the user-driven alterations work, a simple doubt button helps in get rid of the distortion.

Latest Doubt Feature to Help WhatsApp in Fighting
The study of the doubt feature is funded by Facebook. In the study, it is clearly said that such type of approaches would be completely well-matched with the encoded nature of the stage, as ‘red flags’ want not be described or examined by the stage, but purely used to communicate with other users that a diversity of sentiments exists among contestants to the thread. The important goal of the research is to examine whether experience to fact-checking messages by a risky contestant can able to reduce the faith in fake news or not.

From the last many years, WhatsApp has been searching for various methods to avoid the threat of fake news among users on its platform. In the last year, WhatsApp also launched its ‘tip line’ feature in which users are able to forward suspicious messages to get verified. In the early of 2019, WhatsApp also said in an interviews that the company is planning to delete more than 2 million accounts per month in order to restrict the spreading of fake news in its platform and also announce that they are planning to limit the number of forwards by allowing only per message can be forwarded only to 5 members. But neither of the plan works properly and still, WhatsApp has to face this problem.

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So, if WhatsApp is planning to integrate this ‘doubt’ feature on its messaging platform than this strategy can be helpful for them because at present they don’t have any other option by which users are able to avoid fake news. As we all know the spreading of fake news in the platform becomes a very dangerous problem for the WhatsApp, and if there is any tool that arrives to avoid it then it is highly beneficial for the users as well as the WhatsApp.

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