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The concept and strategies affiliated with revenue generation is never obsolete. Revenue generation is considered to be the final product but something which is inevitable, even though many people turn it out to be a final one for short-term strategy. Revenue generation is necessary from psychological implications internally and externally to ensure the long-run survival in the thriving ecosystem.

Revenue Generation
In Digital Disruption

We are no longer in those days when organisation’s marketing team was traditionally held responsible for the creation of brand image, a considerable part which requires attracting and engaging new and existing customers.

In the era of Internet and digital advertising, every day there are new trends that come and go. Some organisations are too old school, and some are too enchanting with tech-driven marketing options. Some premises are just after an operational rock star and do not bother others about new marketing strategy. But at the end of the day, they understand the significance of digital disruption in order to correspond the ongoing trends.

revenue generation strategies

Areas we are Prodigious In

Fluper have the right talent and expertise that helps in your business productivity

Program Strategy

We take sole responsibility to create tailored program strategy rotating around the types of affiliate partners that would align with the brand, lead generation campaigns, and commission structures.

Dedicated Team

Our highest staff-to-client ratio satisfy high-level strategy with the level of attention that you more likely to seek and cater directly on the tactical program management.

Measurement & Tracking

Our dashboard is cent percent real-time and with the help of our proprietary tools we extend tailored report as per the specific goals to yield authentic ROI analysis of the activities.

Highest Converting

Discover the highest number of offers and landing pages through our network.

Highest Pay-Out

We ensure highest possible pay-outs with the help of our network and holistic strategy.

Best Designs

In order to maximise the conversion rates, we ensure that the landing pages has the best possible design.

Mobile Responsive

We ensure that our landing pages are cent percent responsive in order to maximise the profits.

24/7 Support

We are always ready to extend personal assistance.

Inbound marketing

Incorporation Of Inbound Marketing

It has been observed that inbound marketing coupled with inbound sales can create seamless experience for the prospects that have the ultimate potential to differentiate the business from the competitors. It leads to sales qualified leads, lift in conversions, increase in sales opportunities and rise in number of potential customers.

This strategy leads to shorter sales cycle, enhanced close rates, increased referrals, Average revenue per new client shoots up etc.

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing has been invading the ecosystem due to the amazing cost-effective marketing methods. But really marketers have strategically figured it out to be a strong producer of ROI. It can be effectively harnessed by setting up the goals, proactively growing of email list, effective utilisation of triggered emails, segmenting of the list, optimisation of mobile, prioritising on deliverability’s, and regular tracking and testing of email performance in order to identify diversions if any.

email marketing strategy

Our Sample Strategy

We Cover Diverse Tactics to Give your Business a Kicking Start

Feature listings

Fluper acts as a connector between the site owner and vendor/seller where we settle the vendors/ sellers that are willing to pay to demonstrate the products and services on top. Being a part of P2P marketplaces and competition is qualitative, it boosts additional revenue for both the parties.


Subscriptions acts a major revenue generation for the website. Fluper strategize how website can generate revenue by charging membership/subscription from buyer or seller on behalf of website owner in order to access the service or product available on the website.

Sponsored Email

Although this marketing gimmick is subjected to various controversies since different marketers have different perspectives. But considering the sunny side of the story, if the newsletter subscribers are happy to receive the emails from the third party then more creativity can be added into the content.

Strategic Partnership

Strategic partnership helps in expansion of business pool of knowledge resources, diversification of the product lines and many more. Undeniably, it leads to acquire new customers, expansion of geographic reach, extension of product lines, accessing of new technology, and addition of sharing resources.

Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketer

Influencer marketing if executed properly can generate significant return on investment. But without strategy, all your expectations can go down in vein. Blogs and Facebook now generating highest ROI but it has to be ensured if the campaign is running successful or not.

  • A separate goals and objective to be set to run influencer campaign.

  • Proper identification of social channels to accommodate the right audience.

  • Right influencers must be identified.

  • Deployment of brand message in an authentic manner.

  • Tracking and evaluating the right data.

Social Media Strategy

Social medium is gradually turning to be one of the sophisticated medium. In this agile ecosystem, just posting is not going to satisfy ultimate motive. Strategies are prioritised that can be interesting as well as profitable for the audience as well. Organising contests and outlining Facebook ad strategy can justify social media strategy.

social media strategies
revenue Optimization

Measurement & Optimization

With the adoption of inbound marketing and CRM software, everything can be easily monitored and evaluated. Sales process and results can be easily enhanced with analytics dashboard that is supportive enough to improve the sales process. Other significant metrics include website visits, customers and leads.

How Fluper Ascertain Revenue Generation of Its Potential Clients?

Fluper symbolises innovation with fluidity started as a mobile app Development Company has now strived as a top-notch Mobile App Development Company that has catered all the potential customers with latest innings in IT sector from native to cross-mobile app development. iOS and Android App Development that conquered the concept of mobile apps, Fluper has gained maestro and has established a specific horizon with the help of our attitude towards professionalism, competent and dedicated mobile app designers and developers.

Our post-Development Services have amazed our potential clients the most. We take the entire responsibility from mobile app designing and development to sales and marketing and ensure that the million dollar of our potential clients do not get discouraged at any cost.

revenue generation methods

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