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SCAMPII App Review

SCAMPII (Service Contract and Agreement Management Program Index), is an app-based productivity tool developed by School of Fish Technologies (SOFT). SCAMPII helps manage warranties and service contracts for anything and everything that the consumer owns.

Launched in 2014, School of Fish Technologies was incubated at NSRCEL, IIM-B in 2015 and focusses on the FMCG, automotive, electronic sales and distribution domains. The Founders have over 50+years of combined experience and have come together with a vision to build SOFT as a software products company- diverse in its services and yet held together by a common philosophy.

Similar to how a school of fish behaves in nature, swimming together for social reasons and for increased protection from predators for survival, School of Fish Technologies enables coordinated use of current or latest technology to collect data from a bank of diverse information systems and help companies stay ahead of their competitors.

School of Fish Technologies uses mobile and cloud technology to build infrastructure using which data is captured at source, thereby ensuring high data integrity and also freshness of the data which can be used for getting accurate information to the people so that they can make correct decisions. School of Fish Technologies solutions are compatible with Android and iOS, securely hosted with the industry-leading hosting with secure access.


Tech stack

The app is built using the robust Reactive Native, the server-side is hosted secure AWS Cloud with a NoSQL DB providing the physical layer.


*Store photos of the bills and invoices of all your devices, gadgets, appliances and what not
*Tag the items to a location, like home or mummy’s place
*Share the item with your family, home stuff with the spouse, mummy’s place things with mom and dad
*Service engineer needs the bill? Quickly share via WhatsApp or email.



Productivity/ Utility


Operating system

SCAMPII app is available for Android and iOS platforms. The app is available on Google Play Store, App Store and on Indus App Bazaar, which makes it available on app stores of most mobile phones, for example, Samsung’s Galaxy Store.


How it is helping

Your phone screen just broke and you can’t find the invoice to check and claim warranty! Your year-old washing machine just stopped working and the warranty-secured invoice went missing. Do these everyday stories of lost, misplaced invoices – the only proof accepted for warranty claims – stump you? To respond to this challenge, we now have the SCAMPII app.

SCAMPII helps to track and manage warranties of all purchases in one place. Items at home, at your business, at your parents’ or grandparents’ place.


What can you do with SCAMPII?

A LOT! SCAMPII is just what you’ve been looking for — simple, easy to use and made with you in mind. A real-time App packed with a plethora of options for you to manage the service contract and warranties of your everyday appliances, devices, and what-not.

It helps the consumer first scan the product invoice by capturing an image through the smartphone camera. The product can be either selected either from a curated database of consumer durables or an own product.

The product added can also be tagged to a location. It could be the consumer’s home, office, parents’ home or more. The added product can be shared with the consumer’s spouse, parents or colleagues separately.

The app allows the consumer to add multiple warranties and service contracts for the product selected. For instance, if a mobile phone is the chosen product, the consumer can add and manage its standard factory warranty, an extended warranty that comes into effect once the factory warranty ends, and screen guard insurance effective for six months post-purchase.

These multiple warranties / service contracts can be seamlessly integrated and managed through the SCAMPII app. The user can view them all in an app interface that is readily accessible. To make it even simpler, the entire invoice could be shared with the service engineer by email or WhatsApp if required.

You can add a product from SCAMPII’s curated list OR add any other product you don’t find in the list. Consumers can create a complete database of things at home. Photos of the bills will remain with the user always.

All happens in simple easy steps….

1. Status Check!

Keep a track of the expiry dates of the factory warranty, the extended warranty and the 6-month screen insurance you got, all in one place and in one view with SCAMPII. A quick status check will help you buy a new service contract, AMC or extended what you had in a good time.


2. Share with ease!

The information fed into the app can then be shared with ease with family, friends and colleagues. Also, see and organize what others have shared with you.


3. Tag locations to your things

With SCAMPII, you can add your own location and give them a unique name. Tag items that you add to these locations. Create locations for yourself and different ones for your parents. Add all items on your phone and share it with your parent’s devices and appliances they use at their house.

These multiple warranties / service contracts can be seamlessly integrated and managed through the SCAMPII app. The user can view them all in an app interface that is readily accessible.

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In Summary:

The app caters to the high awareness levels of consumers, who place a big emphasis on value-for-money. For companies always looking to diversify their product base, the app offers a robust platform to connect with their consumers, to grow demand and create business value.

Google Play Store                                                ios Store app


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