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A learning app for disabilities students developed with an abstract vision of helping learners romp through with the difficulties of learning new things. Unlike other education apps in the Play Store, this application includes many functionalities. The best among all the features is that the methods of teaching are provided by leading teachers that focus on breaking difficult sessions into meticulous equations to provide easy learning to disabled people.
The exception in the app is the design of the app that helps students to learn every subject specially, business administration by learning the concepts from the app. the visuals along with the theoretical concepts enables students to learn from the various subjects.

Special Education App with screenshots

The lessons are interactive that makes learning easy and entertaining and focused. Best teachers provide various modules to give the learners a complete understanding of the lesson. The modules are very interesting and amusing for a disabled person that enables high learning and practicing.
Special education is instruction based programmed that is specifically designed to meet the special needs of the children with disabilities.

Pros of Special Education App:

• Easy to use
• Amazing knowledge for disabled
• Great methods to learn
• Updated regularly


The user interface of this is very simple and easy to understand. A home button that takes you to the list of lectures and the information about the special education app. On selecting each category, you get to know more about the special education apps and blogs.
Special education is the form of education that has been planned for the students with special needs or disabled people.


The philosophy that special education works on is that each individual that is suffering from some kind of disability is entitled to the support necessary to maximize his/her potential.
Purpose of special education:
Special education targets to assure that students with disabilities are delivered the best environment that allows them to be educated effectively.

Objectives of Special Education App:

• The objective of the app is to deliver the appropriate educational program and relevant services to every child with a disability.
• The education should be given to especially disabled people from age 3 through 21 years.
• The app focuses on providing activities that foster the overall social development of the child.
• Focused on adjustment of the child into the regular school and community activities.
• Identification of disability among the pre-school children or at a pre-age.
• Delivering opportunities to participate in an approved pre-school program that is at a minimum distance from the child’s home.

Tech Stack:

specialeducation app tech stackNeed for Spacial Education App:

• Form of education that is planned for the students with special needs in a way that addresses the students and their overall development.
• Special education is an instruction-based program that is made to meet the special needs of disabled children.
• Specially crafted instructions that meet the unusual needs of the unaccepted or exceptional students.
• Students with mental abnormalities or learning disabilities need something extra for their development and special education provides you with that extra.
• It includes all possible forms of special education.
What extra does special education have?
• Presents specialized teaching techniques
• Special materials for the disabled kids
• Special facilities to understand each child
• Individual differences to focus on every child

Key Topics Covered in the Special Apps?

• Introduction to special education
• Philosophy of special education
• Special education services
• State of the problem
• It includes classification of the disabilities by “WHO”
• Focused on kids with autism and the way to deal with them
• Includes ancient views about special people
• Includes history of special education
• Changing the perspective of disability

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