Friday, January 27, 2023
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Spotify is trying its newest Stories feature that will allow influencers to contain video clips into their public playlists, recently informed by Spotify. One of the first influencers that try this feature is fashion and makeup YouTube artist Summer McKeen, who presently has 2.33 million YouTube subscribers, 2.1 million Instagram, and 126,455 Spotify followers. In the McKeen’s latest video, she is using this new feature of Spotify to present a playlist of her favorite songs with label “all-time besties”.

Spotify offers the parallel Stories feature as it is found in further Social Media apps that contain short video clips through which the user can click on to advance to the next screen. There are also horizontal lines in this latest feature that shows how many screens still wait for them. There is a circular icon in the app through which you can enter the Spotify Story feature and it also contains an animated preview of the video to grab the user’s attention.

Once in the story, the video clips will play and advance automatically and the playlist where you found the Story is presented at the top. You can also tap the ‘X’ to exit from the feature at any time. Spotify’s latest take on the story’s setup includes its use of music. This latest feature of Spotify also allows influencers to share their short video clips which contain small song scraps and the album art as a way of showing the songs in the playlist. In the case of McKeen, few of these follow her overview of the latest playlists.


Spotify influencers post Stories Own Playlists News by Mobileappdiary

The first influencer to go live on this latest feature is McKeen, but we also know that the corporation is also planning to roll this out to further famous names across the entertainment, lifestyle, and music trades in the near future. This primary group of samples is being resolute by a diversity of factors that comprises follower count that how the followers are involved and how active the influencer in Spotify. The reason why McKeen is selected because she is the one who likes to make its own playlist and also has many user-generated playlists that she can share with fans.

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Spotify isn’t now continuing out the feature to its performers which means there is more to present for music discovery, rather than only for publicity purposes. Despite having some similarities with other stories feature found in apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, Spotify’s goal isn’t turning its app into alternative social media stages. Instead, it will depend on the influencers to get the term out to fans themselves using their current accounts originate elsewhere.

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The latest feature of Spotify can only be valuable on Android and iOS, but not on desktop and it is available to all the users of the Spotify. After the trial, in the near future, it is open for the users, confirmed by Spotify. But this is not the first time that Spotify has announced its stories format, last year there was also a test for stories-like product Storyline, but can’t able to become generally available.

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