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We all are living in an era where technologies are evolving at a rapid pace. Now we can do almost everything with the use of these technologies and these technologies makes our life easier and effective. But with the pace technologies are evolving, it becomes hard for businesses to match their pace.

With the continuously evolving technologies, the demand of users also increases. It becomes important for businesses to fulfill the growing needs of users to stay ahead in a highly competitive market.

For that, they need to incorporate the latest technologies with their business and also need to keep eyes on upcoming trends.

Here in this article, we are going to know about 7 biggest technology trends in 2020 that will rule among businesses in 2020. By incorporating these trends, businesses can easily maintain their growth.

The 7 Biggest Technology Trends In 2020

Read this article carefully to get updates about the top technology trends for next 10 years that will rule in the market and by incorporating these trends, every Top Mobile App Development Company In UK sees huge growth for your business.

Biggest Technology trends In 2020

1. 5G Technology

For almost half a decade, the word ‘5G’ has created a jolt, and as it is now available, it has certainly created a kind of revolution, like its predecessors.

5G is one of the most mysterious and biggest technology trends in 2020 that impact the companies. Most analysts in the field have called the 5G connectivity era and that is valid in great part.

5G wireless network provides 1000 times more capacity, connections to at least 100 billion devices, and an extremely low latency and response time of 10GB/s individual user experience. The biggest feature of 5G is its expected speed of 20 GB/s.

2. Autonomous Driving

Autonomous is one the biggest technology trends in 2020. You need to be learned from companies like Tesla, Alphabet, and Waymo, and their aim is only to produce impeccable autonomous vehicles. There is considerable excitement about the idea of a driverless car itself.

Functions such as automated braking, line-switching, and automation of other automotive systems are being simplified with data capture and analysis guidance.

3. Edge Computing

Cloud computing has been a former technology phenomenon and is dominated by main players AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. As companies migrate to a cloud solution, the use of cloud computing is still expanding. However, it’s not new technology anymore.

Edge Computing has been designed to solve some of the problems in order to circumvent the latency of cloud computing and to transfer data to the data center for processing.

The world market in computing should reach $6.72 billion by 2022. This will create various jobs, like any growing market, especially for software engineers.

4. Human Augmentation

Human Augmentation can be described as a mechanism by which the physical and cognitive capacity of a person is improved. When implanted into a human, the human may perform tasks that were previously difficult for him.

The augmentation of humans not only improves a person’s physical enduring but also improves people’s ability to think and decide more effectively. Simply put, we can say that human augmentation has substantial technological potential in the future.

5. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity may not seem to be emerging technology, as it was for some time, but as another technology is evolving, it is. This is partly due to constantly novel threats. The malicious hackers who try to access data illegally will not give up soon and will continue to find ways to take even the most stringent security measures.

This is also due in part to the adaptation of new technologies to enhance safety. As long as we have hackers, as a new technology, we will have a cyber defense, as it will still grow to defend against hackers.

6. Robotics Process Automation

Robotic process automation is another biggest technology trends in 2020 that automates employment, like AI and machine learning. RPA automates business processes such as program analysis, processing of transactions, data processing, and even e-mail response via software. RPA automates repetitive tasks used by people.

Not merely the menial duties of a low-paid worker: up to 45% of our jobs, including the jobs of financial administrators, physicians, and CEOs, can be automated.

7. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has already got much attraction in the last few years, but it is still a phenomenon to be watched because it still has an impact on how we live, function, and play. Furthermore, other AI branches have been developed, including machine learning.

AI refers to computer systems designed to imitate human intelligence and perform image-recognition, speech or patterns and decision-making tasks. These functions should be done quicker and higher than humans.


No doubt, technologies become an integral part of human lives and from the early morning to late night, we all are surrounded by technologies.

That’s why the importance of technologies can’t be neglected in the field of business. To deliver better services and maintain continuous growth it becomes important for businesses to incorporate the biggest technology trends.

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