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Best Apps For Firestick To Stream

Amazon Firestick or better known as the Fire TV Stick is among the pinnacles of OTT platforms. With an Amazon Fire TV stick, you can get access to your favorite OTT platforms like Nextflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and much more.

If you just have bought a new Firestick, you have certainly come to the right spot. Here, I will be mentioning the best Firestick Apps for free movies, games, sports, and more to elevate your OTT experience and take it to a whole new level. So, without any further ado, let us start with the compilation.


9 Best Apps For Firestick



There’s no better way to start this list than YouTube. We all are well aware of the fact that YouTube is induced with tons of content. With YouTube, you can get videos related to almost every day chores like health, cooking, learning, entertainment, workouts, etc. Some of the pertinent features of the app are,

  • You can get access to your favorite videos of almost every genre
  • You can create and edit your playlist
  • Free to use, and videos can be downloaded for offline viewing as well


Cinema HD

As the name suggests, Cinema HD is a tailor-made app for movie freaks. The app offers free movie which can be connected to your firestick device with ease. The app offers a gigantic database of movies providing ultimate movie streaming. Some of the salient features of the app include.

  • Offers a wide range of updated content library
  • It fetches the video streaming links from multiple servers available across locations
  • Video interaction, navigation, and handling is easy courtesy of remote compatibility


Pluto TV

If you are a fan of Netflix and Hulu, you will surely like the Pluto TV app. It is perhaps the best alternative for Netflix that serves you with something interesting and new every time. Pluto TV is available on the Amazon app store, and you can watch live TV on your firestick device. Some of the intrusive features of the app include,

  • You can make a choice from over a hundred channels
  • Offers a new movie every week to facilitate the users
  • You can watch uninterrupted videos and download them


FreeFlix HQ

The FreeFlix HQ provides you movies in high quality for free. The application is designed to fulfill the users’ demands. The app offers different sections and categories like video stream and searches, making it an ideal tool for users to rely upon. Some of the prominent features of the app include,

  • The app can schedule TV programs and stream at the original time
  • Receive timely alerts of the upcoming live broadcast and new TV series
  • Offers high-resolution HD videos for all downloads


Set TV

Here’s another trusted app that works seamlessly on firestick. With Set TV, users can stream live channels and stream high-quality videos too. The app offers both free and paid versions to give you even more immersive features. Some of the notable features of the app are,

  • An easy installation process
  • No need for the users to search and download movies and videos
  • Access to tons of movies, sports, and various other online content.


Titanium TV

Next on the list is the Titanium TV app. It got released as one of the best Amazon TV stick apps and also, thought of as a perfect clone for Terrarium TV. Some of the interesting features of the app include,

  • Offers a plethora of online services and movies
  • High-quality and immersive video content at your disposal
  • The app fetches good links and then display them to the users for downloads



Rated highly among the firestick apps, Cyberfix brings you the freedom of rejoicing in video streams from various sources. You can get access to the Real-Debrid account, meaning you can get HD streams on the app easily. Some of the amazing features of Cyberfix include,

  • The app notifies about the updates on the latest releases
  • Easy to use the application and there’s no need for creating an account
  • Streams HD videos with real-time features



Stremio also falls under the category of must-have firestick apps. With Stremio, you can watch TV shows and movies easily and in quite an organized manner. The app has an abundance of the content of different genres. Some of the extensive features of the app are,

  • You can download the app for free, and it offers a hassle-free experience
  • The app recommends movies and shows based on the videos you have watched


Sportz TV IPTV

As the name suggests, Sports TV IPTV is a sports content streaming service that has gained immense popularity on firestick. However, it offers more than just sports as you can also watch movies and shows on-demand. Some of the salient features of the app are,

  • Offers more than 8000 live TV channels of almost every genre
  • Movies, TV shows and other video content is available in the library
  • It’s paid subscription costs around $14.95 per month


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Time to wrap up: 

Amazon Firestick is gaining immense popularity as people have started generating interest in it by injecting colors into their monotonous lives. The apps mentioned here are among the best to play on firestick. If you own one, try installing these apps to elevate your online viewing experience to the next level.

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