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Today, enterprise and individual worlds rely heavily on mobile and web-based applications. Organizations try to create more creative technologies to provide their consumers with better services, while people use smart mobile apps to meet their needs.
On the frontline of mobile app development, we can see a mobile or Smartphone today, mostly in every single hand. People spend time browsing or downloading smart mobile apps, based on their needs.
Users however change their choice for using applications based on mobile application functionality. If an updated version of the existing app is released on the market, then it will attempt to download and use it.

If this is the case, developers of the global mobile app need to remember that you should always launch an app with smart features that will capture the attention of users. Otherwise, you could soon lose the grip of the app development market.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Technology:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is, as we discussed in our every blog, a central and core technology for modifying every industry such as healthcare, logistics, finance, manufacturing, marketing, and advertising. Since the recent past, mobile app development companies are also widely adopting technology to provide more advanced and personalized Artificial Intelligence services.
The smart mobile apps with their smart features will ensure strong revenues for the Artificial Intelligence App Development Companies.
We’ve put together a few AI app development companies in this blog that are developing AI-based mobile apps to stay competitive in this digital market.

Here are the Best 10 AI App Development Companies You can Rely Upon:

1. Miquido

Miquido AI Development CompanyMiquido excels in the creation of data-driven applications and Web services. They delivered 100 + digital products for streaming music & video, m-commerce, Fintech, and other sectors. Their team will be responsible for Web and Mobile Development, UX / UI Design, R&D, Artificial Intelligence, Business Data Science and Digital Transformation.

Notable Project:

To stay competitive, an exciting global travel company needed to improve its mobile app. Miquido helped the travel firm develop a mobile app to improve the experience of their customers.

2. MobiDev

MobiDev AI Development CompanyMobiDev is a software development company with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, established in 2009. Their 200 + employee team offers custom software development, the development of mobile apps, the development of things on the internet and web development.

Notable Project:

MobiDev provided an outsourced development for a company using the dating app. Their team developed the front-and backend of the app using PhoneGap for iOS and Android. The app quickly became one of the top 100 apps on the store, and users received positive feedback.

3. Quovantis Technologies

Quovantis Technologies AI Development CompanyQuovantis Technologies was founded in 2010, and is a user experience design and software development company based in New Delhi, India, with an additional office located in San Jose, Calif. Their team of more than 180 is specialized in the development of mobile apps, web development and UX / UI design. In addition to the high rate of adoption, the educational client was impressed by the reliability of the app and noted that it was virtual.

Notable Project:

Quovantis Technologies developed an education client cloud-based app. For iOS and Android, the app allows more effective communication between parents, teachers, administrators, and students.

4. SoluLab

SoluLab AI Development CompanySoluLabs was founded in 2013 and is a mobile application and custom development company based in Ahmedabad, India with additional offices in California and New York. SoluLabs currently employs over 60 developers with a range of specialties–from the development of mobile apps to Blockchain, to the development of IoT to SaaS product.

Notable Project:

SoluLabs is hired by a social fitness startup to develop a mobile app from scratch. The product used geofening to connect people to fitness venues at various locations, and was recognized for its user experience by Inc. magazine. The Android and iOS apps have enabled the startup to gain more recognition and funding after their release. The customer credits the efficient work of SoluLabs with being able to grow the firm.

5. Master of Code Global

Master of Code Global AI Development CompanyMaster of Code Global, headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., specializes in designing and developing web, mobile, and Chatbot solutions. They also have offices in Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, Winnipeg, Canada, Cherkasy, Ukraine and Kiev which were established in 2004. The over 130 team has experience in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and apps for enterprise and midmarket clients.

Notable Project:

Master of Code Global was employed by an electronics manufacturer for help with Android app and website development backend. They have also tested existing products for the customer. The work of Master of Code Global helped the electronics firm to sell 6,000 product units.

6. Hatchworks Technologies

Hatchworks Technologies AI Application Development CompanyHatchworks Technologies is a Digital Technology Services company based in Atlanta, established in 2016. Their team currently consists of about 18 employees. Hatchworks Technologies provides custom software creation, BI & Big data consulting & SI, cloud consulting & SI, production of mobile apps, AI, and IoT.

Notable Project:

A consultancy firm wanted to break off part of the company and create a startup for healthcare. To get a clear sense of how best to create a prototype, Hatchworks Technologies conducted thorough market research. Ultimately, the team completed all of the final site development in PHP and node.js, which is hosted on AWS.

7. Softarex Technologies

Softarex Technologies AI Application Development Company

Softarex Technologies is a Minsk, Belarus based AI App Development Company with an office in Alexandria, Va. Softarex Technologies is specialized in the development of custom software, IoT and Web development. Established in 2000, Softarex Technologies creates content with a team of 38 employees which helps its customers grow their brands and increase revenue.

Notable Project:

By replacing its old automated system with a convenient billing platform, Softarex Technologies helped a medical management company attract more consumers and boost their sales. The medical management company saw a 30 per cent increase in customers and productivity of employees as a result of its partnership with Softarex Technologies.

8. AI Application Development Company is a virtual receptionist and lead services company based in Palo Alto, Calif. They were founded in 2015 and employ over 100 staff specializing in live calls and website chat for small and medium-sized businesses, typically in legal, hospitality, finance, e-commerce, healthcare, and real estate. Services include AI chatbots, live chat, optimizing conversions and virtual receptionists.

Notable Project: provided a law firm with on-going calling services. Inbound and outbound calls were handled, website chat was also managed, and any consultations or calls were scheduled. Working with allowed the client to scale their customer base and revenue.

9. VAO

VAO AI app development company

VAO is a software house based in Poznan, Poland and has an additional London office. Its team has grown to 28 employees since the company was founded in 2004. VAO specializes in the development of web, mobile apps, and custom software. Most of its customers are midmarket businesses.

Notable Project:

VAO has been hired by an HR consultancy to develop a website that would generate leads and be easy to update internally. VAO has built the new framework on an easy-to-modify Drupal CMS that clearly organizes client lists for effortless outreach. The website redesign, combined with a targeted Google ad campaign, has consistently secured new sales leads.

10. Rose Digital

Rose Digital AI Application Development Company

Rose Digital is a New York City-based, technology consulting company. Their small team of 5 was founded in 2014 and specializes in mobile app development, web development, and AI. They work with midmarket, businesses, and small businesses, with a focus on advertising and marketing, business services, arts, entertainment, and music.

Notable Project:

Rose Digital has worked with a digital agency on the development of AR web apps. They built a web-based AR experience which allowed users to interact with animations of 3D products. The client was impressed by the expertise they brought to the project.


The demand for smart devices and smart applications or smart apps is also exponentially increasing with the rapid development and advancement of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cloud, and augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

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