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It’s much easier to find free music than before. Piracy isn’t the easiest way today. Today, only a few applications are enough to locate the music you like. Streaming services are common every year, but some are effective in separating themselves from the others. Let’s look at Android’s best free legal music apps! Such apps include free legal material. If you are searching for Top Android Apps playing locally stored songs, please check our

List of Top 10 Best Music Apps for Android:

1. Deezer
2. Google Play Music/ YouTube Music
3. iHeartRadio
4. JangoRadio
5. LiveXLive
6. Pandora Music
7. SoundCloud
8. Spotify
9. TuneIn Radio
10. YouTube

1. Deezer:

Deezer Android Music App on PlayStore

Price: Free/ $9.99-$14.99 per month
For some years now, Deezer has been one of the best android music apps. The free version of the service allows you to discover new music utilizing Deezer’s FLOW feature and listen to playlists and mixtures on a personal basis. There is also lyrical fetching, limitless production of playlists and mixtures based on different musicians. A premium version provides additional functionality, such as improved recording, offline listening, and Android Auto access, if you like. The only warning is that the program tends to be somewhat rough on the edges.

2. Google Play Music/YouTube Music:

Google Play Music or YouTube Music App on PlayStore

Price: Free/ $9.99-$14.99 per month
Google Play Music is becoming more and more popular. The signature feature is the ability to access 50,000 unique music tracks. The best option for integrating your current collection with the online service is to include the free music applications for Android mentioned below. The free Play Music version allows you to stream your music and hear several curated playlists. Further incentives are given in the paid version, but the free version is not half bad. The service now includes both free and paid podcasts for users. Google Play Music would soon be replaced by the new YouTube Music by Google. As the change occurs, we must monitor accordingly.

3. IHeartRadio:

IHeartRadio Music Best Android Music App on PlayStore

Price: Free/$9.99 per month
IHeartRadio is one of the top android music apps in the world. This is a radio program that lets you listen to various stations depending on your interests, and also includes seasonal radio stations, interviews, talk radio, and comedy shows. The service also includes AM and FM radio stations providing media sharing, including news and sports. It’s a flexible device with a new Material Design UX that comes with the little stuff like support for Chrome cast, support for Android Wear and support for Android Auto.

4. JangoRadio:

JangoRadio Music Best Android Music App on PlayStore

Price: Free
Jango Radio is like a free Android music app wildcard. It has a variety of music from big names as well as independent artists. Contrary to many, this service allows musicians to pay for performances, which ensures that you can listen to a song that is performed by an artist. This provides Jango with its operating income to stay free. Many ethical problems are likely. There are, indeed, no advertisements on the web and this is a good way to find new things.

5. LiveXLive:

LiveXLive Music Best Android Music App on PlayStore

Price: Free (with ads)/$3.99-$9.99 per month
Slacker Radio was succeeded by LiveXLive in 2019, and it has many similar features. With several channels featuring a wide range of genres, you will listen to free music. In this way, it essentially acts like a Pandora green and black. You can purchase a premium version or add additional functionality if you want them. This also places an emphasis on live music via a simple on-demand or streaming service. It has promise, but research remains needed. We are also very gross to only use network billing or credit cards via the device instead of endorsing Google Play subscription.

6. Pandora Music:

Pandora Music Best Android Music App on PlayStore

Price: Free/ $4.99-$9.99 per month
Another most popular free music Android app is Pandora Radio. The flexibility and cross-platform support is a key feature. You will easily jump straight into and listen to music that you love on almost every channel that you can think of. In the last couple of years, their content library has grown a lot. Generally, the feedback is very strong. We do offer a full on-demand streaming service for those who wish to experience the Spotify format without leaving Pandora. Nonetheless, the free stuff works still well.

7. Sound Cloud:

Sound Cloud Best Android Music App on PlayStore

Price: Free/ $9.99 per month
SoundCloud is one of the most popular and unique free music applications because it’s not only about what’s popular right now. In reality, any artist can simply upload and play the contents back into SoundCloud. Actually, the channel has 125 million songs that are more than ever listened to. The series, interviews, and other items are also accessible to enjoy. The free release is usually free musicians who earn the most popular music with bigger names with the paid version. Many users who use this free to listen to indie artists are still searching for so it is a good option.

8. Spotify:

Spotify Best Android Music App on PlayStore

Price: Free/ $9.99-$14.99 per month
Spotify was perfect for streaming music and is one of the most popular free music applications ever. There are a huge collection, selected stations and playlists and if you want you can build your own stations and playlists. The free version of the app is not as reliable as the premium model, but Spotify’s free service still has a lot to like. The software also has some lightweight material construction, support for Chrome cast, and currently, the laptop edition has more functionality than the mobile version. Spotify is also available on Google Play for free music, Spotify stations.

9. TuneIn:

TuneIn Android Music App on PlayStore

Price: Free/ $9.99 per month
TuneIn Radio is better known than its music for its talk radio, podcast and improve show service, but TuneIn has plenty of free music. There are over 100,000 stations in total representing nearly every category, including AM and FM radio channels, which can be accessed via apps. There is little need to get the digital music edition on its own, but it also contains audio books, live sports and more.

10. YouTube:

Youtube Android Music App on PlayStore

Price: Free/ $12.99 per month
The most popular music app on Google PlayStore is probably YouTube. Almost anything you’ve ever dreamed of can be identified. Each band has a YouTube presence. Public videos, live shows and even local bands are also accessible every now and again. You can also make playlists, receive suggestions and much more. YouTube Premium’s a little pricey, but you don’t have to. Tons of people always use Youtube for their favorite music.


Most Popular Android music apps that are not included in this report are still there. Different applications with the same interface and functions, including downloaded songs. Physical music players have almost become outdated with their growing popularity and ever more versatile functionality. Phones will access music player applications themselves, which give better functionality than any physical music player.

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