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After the development of the mobile app, the most important thing comes in front of the developer is ‘how to advertise the app, so that it can be easily available to the user?” So, there are two ways through which the people can easily discover and install the mobile app on their smartphones. It’s either through advertising of any sort or through the search on the app store. App installs that are obtained through app stores built-in search are known as organic app installs.

Currently, the app marketers are taking full advantage of organic app installs. An organic install is more valuable because it is based on the user’s intent to find and install a certain app to serve a specific need that can’t be achieved through advertising. The best way to get noticed in the in-app store is through ASO (App Store Optimization). ASO is a process of optimizing mobile apps to a higher rank in search results of the app store.

Now the experts say that the app store optimization is more than keyword as it’s all about understanding the user’s intent and determining their response. In the last few years, there have a huge growth in ASO agencies. So, through this blog, we are going to know about the best App Store Optimization agencies that can easily boost the app marketing strategy .

Requirement of App Store Optimization

ASO refers to optimizing the mobile apps to achieve a high rank in the searches of the app store. It is almost similar to SEO that improves the visibility of the website in search engines. ASO helps in increasing brand visibility as it attracts more visitors so the app sees a greater number of downloads. So, ASO optimizes your app and provide higher ranking in search result.

Top 10 App Store Optimization (ASO) Companies

1. Phiture

Phiture Best ASO Agency
It is an ASO agency that is located in Berlin. The team of Phiture is working with the leading apps. Using their proper work strategy, they offer four services App store optimization, User retention services, Apple Search Ads, and Growth consulting. The company helps in the growth of the app by developing, refining, and applying systematic approaches to solve the important growth challenges.

Key ASO services: Specialized ASO workshop, localization, and A/B testing
Offices: Berlin (Germany)
Founded: 2008
Employees: 50
Platforms: Android

2. Lab Cave

Lab Cave ASO services company
It is a top-rated mobile app marketing company that provides all services of app marketing. Their expertise in marketing helps their global clients to achieve a high search rank in the app store and a greater number of downloads. Lab Cave analyzes the performance of its client’s app in the app stores and direct changes to enhance its app store resources.

Key ASO services: App analytics, app retention analysis, app store creative optimization, app store and google play ASO, app copy A/B testing, keyword analysis, and many more
Offices: Madrid, Spain
Founded: 2013
Employees: 30+
Platforms: Android, iOS, HTML5, Windows, macOS

3. Gummicube

Gummicube Best ASO Company
It is a mobile marketing and app growth company, founded in 2010. It’s DATACUBE software influences exclusive big data for mobile to understand search trends and the competitive landscape inside of the app stores. The use of DATACUBE results in greater visibility, high-quality downloads, and lower cost of user acquisition.

Key ASO services: App Store Optimization, App Reviews & Ratings, Analytics software, and Focus Groups
Offices: San Jose, US
Founded: 2010
Employees: 30+
Platforms: Android, iOS, HTML5, macOS

4. App Growth Network

App Growth Network Best ASO Company
It is a global app product marketing agency with expertise in three important mobile app marketing areas User acquisition, Analytics, and Product marketing. It was launched in 2018 and the company already got a huge number of well-known top mobile apps in its portfolio like The Mindfulness app, CatchUp and many more.

Key ASO services: App analytics, app retention analysis, app store creative optimization, app CPI campaigns with ad networks.
Offices: Vancouver (Canada), Barcelona, Seattle
Founded: 2018
Employees: 10-30
Platforms: Android, mobile web, iOS

5. Yodel Mobile

Yodel Mobile Best ASO Company
It is the leading mobile agency and global app marketing consultancy founded in 2007. It specializes in scaling and launching apps as since their beginning they have launched and supported the growth of more than 200 apps. They are working with clients from start-ups to international brands such as NBCUniversal, Bauer Media, Fujifilm, The Economist, mytaxi, and Gymshark.

Key ASO services: Images, videos, and reviews optimization, App store listings
Offices: London, UK
Founded: 2007
Employees: 50
Platforms:  Android, iOS

6. PreApps

PreApps Best ASO Company
It is an App Store Optimization Services provider agency that serves millions of mobile apps before they are ready to release on app stores. With the help of its creative knowledge and strategic planning, PreApps can easily lead to exponential growth for your app. Their experts will fulfill all your marketing requirements at a reasonable price.
Key ASO services: App marketing copy optimization (description, title, screenshot)
Offices: Boston, US
Founded: 2010
Employees: 50
Platforms: Android, iOS

7. App Radar

App Radar Best ASO Company
It is an ASO company that helps your app to see the huge growth in the app store. Their app store optimization tool delivers the most accurate keywords rankings and also speeds up the process of app publishing. So, the App Radar enhances your app pages for both google play store and Apple app store.

Key ASO services: App marketing, apple search ads services, app store optimization
Office: Graz, Austria
Founded: 2015
Employees: 30-50
Platforms: Android, iOS

8. Moburst

Moburst Best ASO Company
It is a full-service provider app marketing agency that helps various companies to grow their mobile business. Due to the huge experience in the marketing field, their team knows that what works for each project, and how to bring the most appropriate experience to the user. Their huge belief in creative thinking and advanced technology helps them in delivering the best result to the clients.

Key ASO services: Keyword research, media management, and optimization, ASO, A/B testing
Offices: New York, San Francisco
Founded: 2013
Platforms: Android, mobile web, iOS

9. PickASO

PickASO top ASO company
It is an app marketing company that provides innovative marketing solutions to their various clients. Their team is specialized in product strategy and app marketing. Their highly experienced team helps you in developing an ASO strategy to achieve more organic installs.

Key ASO services: Strategy, ASO app indexing, acquisition and content
Offices: Barcelona, Spain
Employees: 10-50
Platforms: Android, iOS

10. RedBox Mobile

RedBox Mobile Top ASO Company
It is a mobile app marketing and app store optimization company that helps app developers to increase their app ranking, downloads, and revenues. They work for various big names includes Vodafone, Tesco, Universal.
Key ASO service:
App store and competitor analysis, strategy, optimize your app store assets
Hungerford and London, UK
Founded: 2013
Employees: 30+
Platforms: Android, iOS


The App Store Optimization is the most important feature for the success of any mobile app and every app developer wants the best ASO agency to get success. To deliver the best ASO services, the ASO agencies required to keep their tabs on the latest updates. So, through this blog, we presented the list of the leading ASO companies to select the right ASO service for your app.


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