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Even if you are not a developer, at some point, you’ve must have heard of the python language. It has now evolved since its inception in the year 1991. We are currently updated with the 3.6.5 version now. Python is an incredibly strong and well-appreciated language around the globe. It provides reliable results that are functional and involve both dynamic scripted and non-scripted contexts.

Python is known both for its simplicity and beauty. The language follows two mottos: “beauty is better than ugly” and “simple is better than complex.” It allows programmers to develop the code using multiple approaches such as object-oriented programming and functional programming as well. Large tech giants have used python to create amazing projects that we use in our daily life.

Here are some top 10 applications that are developed in python:

1.  Dropbox

Dropbox Apps Developed in Python

One of the most popular apps in the world can be installed on Windows, macOS, and in some Linux too. Dropbox now has more than 500 million users and has approximately 278.4 M monthly visits. It holds a global web rank of 115. Who does not prefer dropbox nowadays? Well, no other app gives you such accessibility while providing you such ample space for stuffing stuff online. It has been scaled to an incredible level and currently, it values around $8 bn. Dropbox written in python because of numerous things including their polished and user-friendly desktop client.

2.  Instagram

Instagram App Developed in Python

The app that changed the world of digital photography made instant sharing of data with better accessibility. It is widespread and has expanded the boundaries of creativity defining new rules in marketing. It is among the most popular platforms of social media as the base of influencer marketing is Instagram. It allows the to click pictures, edit them and share them using the camera of the smartphone. It has over 400 million active users per day, thus proving that apps built over python are scalable in long terms.

3.  Reddit

Reddit App Developed in Python

Known as the American social news accumulator website is also built on python. It was initially coded in common Lisp. When the developers looked at a wider angle focusing on better accessibility and flexibility, Reddit made the switch. It has more than 430 million monthly visitors as stats of 2019. The content has 27 billion upvotes, 1.2 billion comments, over 153 million submissions and has a global Alexa ranking 6. The best of Reddit comes when users translate Reddit into 89 different languages using a localization management platform. It decreases the language barrier and python managed all workload and complex functionality needed.

4.  Netflix

Netflix App Developed in Python

Who doesn’t know about Netflix and chill? Either you take weekends or weekdays- this is the most preferred platform for binge-watching series or watching movies. What Spotify did for music, Netflix did for video. They initially started as a DVD-by-mail service, and they have now taken it to the high level enabling streaming video content to over hundreds of millions of subscribers.
It is built over python and what’s best of it is the recommendation and analytics engine. The platform doesn’t only provide you with suggestions but also predict what nature of original content you should order.

5.  Spotify

Spotify App Developed in Python

The platform known for its music streaming or streaming audio content is in style chief component. Thanx to the fantastic app that long gone are days to track down mp3s like looking for torrents on puzzling invitation-based websites. Now, the world’s most significant audio streaming service has an annual revenue of over 4 billion euros. It is one of the top python users among numerous businesses. The sole reason to choose python as the base was the development speed and advanced data analytics that the language offers.

6.  Uber

Uber App Developed in Python

A cab-hailing service provider that now also delivers food. Uber has an abundance of calculations to perform as the organization offers its services in more than 785 metropolitan cities all over the globe. It has more than 100 million users and all that work is large enough to manage. Python language is best at handling large amounts of data and is flexible for the organization. Python provides reliability, security to the apps, thus being the reason developers relying on it on a large scale.

7.  Quora

Quora App Developed in Python

If you get a question, you ask Google and Quora is the platform that comes in the results due to search engine optimization. If there is any question, then you can ask it on Quora. The website or the app collates a list of questions and answers. The data of both the question and answer comes from the community of individuals. Various members of the community organize questions and put the most relevant information at the top of the visibility list. The creators of Quora were the former employees of Facebook finalized to use python language. They developed best magic 8- ball in Quora

8.  Bit Torrent

Bit torrent App Developed in Python

It has now been banned in some of the countries, but it quite evolved in recent years. The foundation of Bit torrent was built on python. Bit torrent has one of the vast databases of knowledge and content of all sorts. It wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for python. All those lectures or legal stuff that you can download- the base of it was the python language as it was secure and flexible.

9.  Pinterest

Pinterest App Developed in Python

A social network that ranks third behind Facebook and Twitter. It enables users to bookmark images, collate them and share them with other users. It is among the web’s most used and preferred apps. Pinterest relies on python and Django to deal with huge amounts of data. Django is a framework based on the python platform. The website of Pinterest has used since its inception. It has now a web Global rank of 39 and has over 250 million monthly active users. It has over 757.9 million visits per month.

10.  Disqus

Disqus App Developed in Python

Disqus has been in the market because of its simplicity and delivers an effective way to engage the audience in a fuel discussion. You can control the ongoing content by slackening the comments. The app allows multiple sign-in options and serves audiences with every kind of preference. It allows cross-site notifications and the app takes full advantage of Django’s features and regular security patches. Disqus has its reach in around 191 countries all around the globe has over 50 million monthly comments and 17 billion monthly page views.


Python is a highly chosen tool for web and App development. Many websites and various mobile apps depend on python and its multiple frameworks that this powerful language offers. Python coding syntax does not follow strict rules and now it has opted for artificial intelligence projects. There are many more apps that have the base foundation built on python. Yahoo maps, Facebook, Google, are few of the great apps that are used by everyone all over the globe that uses python.

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