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A ton of free mobile apps are available for Android devices on the Google Play Store and we cannot criticize any one of them in particular. This is the reason it seems a bit confusing to all to get the right apps for their devices. It does not matter which amazing app are you looking for, you will always get alternatives to each same prototype app that makes you puzzle to choose the best one. 

Here we have analyzed and carefully selected a compilation of the free Android apps that you never miss in 2021. This also creates a great chance to uninstall all other old pre-installed apps and welcome the most useful apps for your Android devices. 

Let’s take a look at the 10 best free Android apps in 2021 together-

  • Google Find My Device:

The all-time top-listed Android app Google’s Find My Device this time comes with a more handy UI to deliver the best usefulness. It helps you in case of device loss or theft, while with the help of this app you can locate your lost device, or you can change password or pin. Above all the most interesting trait of this app is, it enables you to delete all data remotely. 

  • Gmail:

In the revolution of the internet, the most important thing for all is to getting access to emails. Nowadays, you must have a Gmail account for Android users to get complete access over your email while on the go. With 5 billion Android downloads, there is hardly any other app remain that is using more than Gmail. It delivers super-fast swift updates and push notifications along with the biggest community platform. 

  • WhatsOnFlix:

One of the top-notch free Android apps is WhatsOnFlix which is also downloadable on iOS devices. This app updates you on what is trending to watch on Netflix. Here you can filter, search, and discover the recently uploaded web series or movies on Netflix. Produced by Zeemo UG & Co. is an independent app offered to all entertainment buffs. 

  • Spotify:

Spotify counts under the most impressive free Android music streaming apps. It supports you to operate and listen to various world music. Here you can easily spend time by listening to your favorite music tracks, artists, albums, and can create your own playlist. You can also choose a ready-made playlist that can match your taste and different moods that can serve peace to enjoy an amazing sound quality. 

  • PopFaces:

PopFaces is another good name among the top-class free Android apps that comes with facial recognition power to provide your correct information about celebrities. It is the one and only app where you can use real identification technology in real-time. This app comes with an end-to-end data security feature along with an interesting game challenge feature that makes this app engaging. 

  • Instasize:

Instasize is a highly effective photo editing app that comes for Android users to give them a ton of professional photo editing touches. This app has been created with the idea of empowering people with a unique inspiring tool to develop meaningfully content for millions of users around the world. It has several features like unique backgrounds, beauty tools, and wonderful on-the-go editing. 

  • Google Translate:

Google Translate is one of the most helpful apps for travelers while they visit different countries. It appears with a set of 103 language translators by typing and offline you could have almost 59 languages.  Additionally, its instant camera translation also helps you to translate nearly 38 languages wherein conversation mode  32 languages available to translate out of 39 HD mode language translations. 

  • LastPass:

LastPass is another helpful app for Android users where people will have a password locker app and password manager app that can easily lock their sensitive data securely. It is very effective in daily life usage for people to manage valuable pins carefully. 

  • Google News:

Google News is one of the most downloaded free Android apps that uses the latest AI technology to offer relevant news in its News Feed. It also caters you personalized news along with “Full Coverage” news that displays similar news by different publishers and reporters. It groups the same articles together so that readers can get a more clear understanding of a given news story.


  • Google Assistant:

Google Assistant is also considered one of the most important helpful apps for Android users in daily life, where a user is able to navigate, communicate, and accomplish more stuff together. You can use this app on iOS devices and can ask questions, play games, make plans, and trigger apps by its more than 30 voice commands. It also offers visual response along with Chromecast technology.

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