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Since the arrival of Android OS, customization has remained at its very core. Android always provided plenty of choices in customization than iOS. Operating third-party apps is quite normal things early on and alongside icon packs. This trend in present days and support of icon pack is now offered by various OEM skins or as well as launchers. In multiple aspects, you don’t have to install any third-party launcher to these icon packs. Throughout this writing post, we will talk about such interesting 10 icon packs for Android devices that are trending in 2021.

On Google Play Store, there are tons of icon packs available, some come free of cost and some are paid. We trim down that vast range and come with top 10 icon packs that diverse in quality so that everyone could have their best icon pack here in this list. 

  • Moonshine: 

In Google Play Store Moonshine is available for a long time. It has always been a famous icon pack for all and you will get more than 80,000 reviews on it in the Play Store. Though this app is free, a paid version is also available and it provides 28 wallpapers along with 900+ icons for Android users. Numerous launchers support these icons including Apex, Smart Launcher, Nova, ADW, Action Launcher, etc. It delivers colorful niche icons which come in flat designs.  

  • Whicons:

If your favorite color is white and always want everything to remain simple, then this is an ideal icon pack for you. It will give you that classic uniform look that you are craving for and offer different icon sizes based on the apps. This icon pack offers nearly 7,018 icons and supports different launchers like ADW, Smart Launcher, Nova, SOlo, OnePlus, and more.   

  • Rondo:

Rondo is also a wonderful colorful icon pack that comes in uniform circular designs. All icons come in a circular shape and it looks great while it represents a shade that reaches center to the bottom-left corner. In 25 diverse icon categories, Rondo appears and it already has 20 different wallpapers to set. You can also be asked for creating new icons which come under paid version.  

  • Lines:

If you love to carry things extremely simple, then this icon pack is fully made for you. It is quite similar to Whicons but here you will white lines with hollow insides instead of solid whites. In this package, you will have 2,100 icons along with 200 wallpapers. It supports launchers like Atom, Action, Go, Nova, Solo, Smart, and more.

  • Darko:

Darko comes with darker icons but it doesn’t seem black ones. Basically, these icons are a combination of darker sides and saturated colors. Depending on different icons, some look the most colorful and support launchers like Go, Action, Apex, Solo, Nova, Smart, and so on. It has more than  3,500 icons as well as 66 wallpapers.

  • CandyCons:

CandyCons is a colorful complete niche icon pack. Here all icons have their own different shapes and come free of cost to use. You will have here 20 wallpapers along with 1,127 different icons. Apart from different launchers, it also offers icons for Muzei.

  • Reacticons:

Reacticons are all landscape icons and provide a bit more detail than other icon packs. The icon of Instagram is the Instagram logo along with a toolbar. Here you will get chances to combine Reacticons with verticons if you want to make an exciting stylish setup. You will able to choose from 80 UHD wallpapers and 4,900 icons. 

  • Verticons:

Verticons are for people who like vertical icons which are instead of 1:1 ones, landscape ones, and portrait ones. Here you can download 2,000 free designed icons and you also have the option to choose various generic icons along with some stunning wallpapers in the paid version. On the Gboard you can check out a Google logo and also have a minimalistic keyboard.

  • Paper:

Paper is one short of a self-explanatory icon pack that portrays a wrinkled paper look. It comes with quite interesting shapes and colors to provide a fresh look to your device. It has more than 5,000 icons including some generic icons and you will have here 40 HD wallpapers to choose from.

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  • The Superhero Icon Pack: 

A unique icon pack in our list is The Superhero Icon Pack which represents multiple superhero figures. Though it takes time to get used to this icon pack, it always remains suspenseful, and only you know which icon opens what app. Here you will get a dozen of icons including Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America, Batman, Hulk, Superman, Thor, and more. This icon pack also supports different Android launchers like Atom, Nova, Action, Go, etc.

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