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A report from ‘Fluent’ opines that out of five people three use to check their emails daily on their smart devices, where 75% of people use smartphone devices to see their emails. Hence, it would not be shocking that the app stores are completely overflowing with numerous Android email apps. These apps serving customer replacements and different customization choices to AI-assisted advanced filtering options for finding out important emails. 

In this writing post of the top 10 email apps for Android users in 2021, we have covered up different aspects regarding individuals’ requirements. So without wasting any more words, let’s take a look at its wonderful handpicked list that provides several functionalities and features. 

  • Microsoft Outlook:

Outlook powered by Microsoft is an amazing email app for Android users that helps more than millions of people to manage their email accounts and important files. It comes with a ‘focused inbox’ that takes important messages on the top and allows the user to substitute between the calendar and emails with by few finger touches. Moreover, it also has an ‘exchange account’ feature through which user can adjust their schedule conferences, meetings, calendars, and more.

  • Sugar Mail:

One of the latest Android email management apps Sugar mail comes with a complete package of features that will help you to balance your emails and vital tasks easily. You will get a 14-days trial period offer which is sufficient to check its importance and capabilities. It has a ‘push mail feature that permits you to get notifications frequently.

  • Newton Mail:

Newton Mail is a subscription-based email service that offers different features including Send Later, Snoozer, Undo Send, and more. Here you will get a recap option that automatically gets back you to emails and conversations that need to follow up or have to give a reply. The price plans are $49.99/year and $4/month. 

  • Gmail:

We all know that Gmail is the most popular and most used email app among Android users due to its practicality. Besides, it comes with a vast range of features like offline access, Google Hangouts integration, spam filtering, and more. We all feel thanks to Android devices as it comes preinstalled. This is the reason it automatically counts more user numbers that are now standing on 1.5 billion. Gmail has additionally supporting AMP technology in emails which allow users to send AMP-Powered interactive emails within Gmail. 

  • Edison Mail:

Edison Mail is a clinically developed app that takes among the best Android email apps in 2021. This app you can use for managing your email accounts from several service providers such as AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail Gmail, and more. Here users can easily customize their location and various actions with this email app by its settings. 

  • Blue Mail:

Blue Mail comes free of cost but is considered one of the most secured email apps in the Android version. On this email app, you can manage numerous mail accounts with ease. It enables users to send group emailing along with smart push notifications. Here, you even can set the email receiving notifications timing.

  • ProtonMail:

World’s one of the largest encrypted email services ProtonMail comes with impressive features. It introduced easy-to-use encrypted email to all mobile devices by PGP end-to-end encrypted seamless integration. The UI is pretty modern and decorated with plenty of features like customizable swipe gestures, and capable of sending expiring emails. 

  • VMware Boxer:

Android users have another great email option called VMware Boxer. It is an innovative contact and email app that offers a bulk number of actions along with a ‘configurable quick replies’ feature. Moreover, you will also get here custom swipe gestures, and more. 

  • K-9 Mail:

K-9 Mail app is a top-notch email app for Android users as it provides high-class security features. This app is primarily made for entrepreneurs who want to build effective and efficient communication with their colleagues at anywhere anytime. This app could become an ideal choice for those Android users who like Direct Push technology. Moreover, it permits to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server by Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

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  • TypeApp Mail:

TypeApp Mail is an amazingly developed email app that offers the best quality email experience. You can easily manage multiple accounts from this entirely customizable email app for Android users. It comes with ‘Unified Inbox’ along with the ‘Group Mailing’ option. Moreover, here you can get configurable menus that are essential to operate an email app. Apart from that, this app will simplify emails with different clusters. 

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