Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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People in the world gradually depend upon internet technology so deeply that we often feel incomplete and restless without our smartphone devices and internet. However, thanks to this internet facility because most of us revolve around online technology.  

In this era of digitalization, the internet playing a crucial role that transcends entertainment and provides fascilities for online study, work, and in our individual lives. However, we all know the internet connection is not so strong to deliver a stable data facility to the remotest corners of this world and many people who still do not use this technology. Hence, here comes the importance of offline apps and their vital usage in our daily lives. Today, we will share such top 10 offline apps that you must require in 2021.

  • Amazon Kindle:     

Readers love to surf kindle which is a way to go app for offline bok reading. A massive library is there in Kindle where you can download any content and read them offline. It comes with a customizable app display feature that provides you an optimum reading experience. 

  • Google Drive:

Google Drive itself is a shop of different productivity apps where you can work various day to day works like taking notes, spreadsheets, presentations preparation, and more. You will get more integrated apps with it including Google Slides, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. It provides you almost 2Gb of free space area along with powerful cloud connectivity.   

  • Pocket:

A handy app called Pocket enables you to save web pages, articles, videos, or any other online content in one place to view later time. It is an appropriate offline app to register your interesting content within your busy hours. Hence, if you have not any internet data you can go to Pocket’s offline library to read your favorite content.

  • Google Translate:

Google Translate is one of the most famous and useful offline apps for all especially those who love to travel the world. This travel essential app has more than a hundred languages to translate and it is more vital for non-English speakers. Moreover, it has a special feature whereby opening your smartphone camera you can know any unknown text image into nearly 40 languages. 

  • Google Maps:

One of the most prominent offline navigation apps is Google Maps. It provides you real-time traffic delay reports along with current transportation fares. It comes with a voice guidance feature that helps you with correct road directions, and you will have hundreds of countries and thousands of city maps to choose from.    

  • Colour Note:

Colour Note is an interesting notepad app where you can list down your daily activities or any important routine. It comes with a cool feature that reminds you about any vital due tasks and arranges your task orders into folders and projects. The UI of this app is simple and customizable.

  • Forest:

There are tons of productivity management apps in the market but you will hardly find Forest-like offline app. This app inspires productivity and supports you to avoid unnecessary delays. It enables you to customize the taken time for the tree to grow completely which helps you to do work properly. 

  • Flym News Reader:

Flym News Reader is an amazing offline app that allows you to read different writings, articles and help you to create, share your documents on the way. It comes in an offline format where you can also check the live feed.  

  • Spotify:

Spotify premium users can listen to music offline. You just need to save your favorite songs in-app library and then you can download the entire library. Moreover, you can continue listening to that saved offline library songs for 30 days consecutively but you just need to use the internet once a month to retain those songs. In the premium version, you can enjoy music ad-free without any interruption.


  •  Netflix:

Netflix is completely a paid service that considers you to watch an array of webs series, movies, short films, and documentaries. After taking a subscription you can download content for watching them offline whenever you are running out of the internet. It comes in different video quality resolutions that help you to retain enough space always in your smartphone devices. 

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