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As we know that technology is evolving every day and to make your business successful you need to experience the potential of this technology in the right manner. With the rise in technology, blockchain has become one of the trending topics in the industry. Since its inception in the marketplace, it has changed the way industries perform their transactions.

It has become a trending topic to explore the competence of blockchain applications. The demand for these apps is increasing day by day in the market. The increasing demand for these apps is one more reason that blockchain platforms are gaining recognition

In this write up we have summarized diverse blockchain platforms that can be used for developing blockchain-based applications.

In case you are not aware of this new technology then you are landed on the right page as we help you to choose the right blockchain platform for your project.

Let’s start!

1. Corda

It is one of the well known open-source blockchain platforms. Corda is especially designed for the finance business. The platform is a distributed ledger platform that is widely used by mobile app developers for the development of financial institutions applications. With the Corda blockchain platform, you can easily record, synchronize and manage contracts and share the data between the partners. This platform can be used to streamline finance business operations. If you want to add this platform in your blockchain app then you can use the source code available on GitHub under the Apache 2 license.

2. EOS

EOS is one of the best blockchain platform used to secure and scale countless transactions in seconds. The platform is designed in such a manner that it aims to offer an absolute operating system for decentralized mobile applications through service authentications. The platform offers the best server hosting and cloud storage features. It is accessible as a private as well as a public blockchain network to change business requirements.


3. Hyperledger Fabric

It is yet one more platform used extensively by businesses. Hyperledger Fabric is one more platform that is particularly designed for building blockchain-based applications or modular architecture. The platform is designed in a manner that the architecture allows the network designers to plug in their favored machinery like a consensus, thus help them in distinguishing it from other blockchain application solutions. The platform is intended for permission networks, enabling identified identities to contribute within a system. The member who works under this network need to authorize and should have reliability in the assets to take part in the blockchain.

Hyperledger Fabric

4. OpenChain

The open-source blockchain OpenChain platform has been Developed by Coinprism. This platform is specially designed to manage secure digital assets. The highly suited platform is used by organizations to make the transactions secure and scalable. The open chain platform uses Partionned Consensus where one case will only have a particular power for justification of transactions. All the transactions using this platform are free and can be validated by the asset administrator, making it more ordered than other blockchain platforms.


5. Quorum

Quorum is an Ethereum based blockchain platform that aims to provide permissioned functioning of Ethereum to hold up dealings and contract privacy. Well, this platform works just like the Ethereum. All the functions of Quorum are alike to that of Ethereum, but there are some points where this platform is different such as contact privacy, network, enhanced transaction, peer management, voting-based consensus mechanisms thus offering better overall performance. Quorum is a platform designed by J.P Morgan for making the financial transactions easy.


6. Stellar

It is a distributed blockchain-based platform that is used for boosting cross-asset transfers of cost. The blockchain platform is alike to Ripple as it can also work with different exchange currencies. It is feasible to make smart devices, banking tools, and mobile wallets with the help of this Stellar network. The platform uses SCP protocol for its working. The Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) used by the platform makes it likely to record for financial transactions.


7. Dragonchain

Dragonchain is a Blockchain platform that is used by mobile app developers as a Service Platform. The platform is used by enterprises to develop blockchain applications easily. The platform was firstly developed in 2014 by Walt Disney Company. It is a public and private hybrid platform that offers accessibility and high performance to expand and organize blockchain apps. The smart contracts based platform offers flexibility to diverse business types by allowing them various features that provide the capabilities of other blockchains.


8. Multichain

If you are planning to develop a ledger application instantly then this is the best platform for your next business application. The multichain platform offers the best performance as compared to other platforms on this list. While in evaluation with other technologies the main aim of this platform is to make the process of app development easy as there is no need to learn a new programming language. The open-source platform is consistent with Bitcoin and is used by mobile app developers to develop numerous key-values that help in currency exchanges.


9. Ripple

This blockchain platform is particularly well for making the transaction solutions simple and best-known in the middle of the community of payment providers. The platform is efficiently used by banks and corporations to ease the process of payment. Ripple is used by developers to make applications for direct transactions across national borders. The blockchain app development company across the globe are using the Ripple blockchain platform for developing large-sized business apps and apps for individual users. This platform is also known as the best blockchain platform in 2020.


1o. R3 Corda

The open-source distributed ledger blockchain platform helps businesses to transact with smart contracts in an easy manner. The blockchain platform operates on the permissioned network that only permits authorized participants to access the data. It helps in boosting the privacy level with its digital records features. The platform is used by only authorized participants and does not accept cryptocurrency payments for outside users. To tell the truth it is the best blockchain platform used in the industry.

R3 CordaConclusion

In nutshell, we can say that with this write-up you have acquired enough information about the list of top 10 blockchain development platforms. If you are planning to develop a blockchain app for your business then you can choose one platform from this list that suits your business requirements in the best way possible.

Moreover, it is worthwhile to check all the details about the blockchain platform before starting the process of blockchain app development.

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