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Planning every day is always a wonderful idea as it augments your productivity and makes you busy all the time. The appearance of advanced technologies makes human being blessed with several virtual day planners. A couple of clicks and fingertips makes you used to with daily planning and helps you to manage your whole day workflow. An in-built program of these apps reminds the user about all important scheduled tasks and motivates the users with a monthly progress report. 

However, are you confused to choose the most efficient day planner apps? Then let us console you! Because we have come up with a round of top 10 day-planner apps for both iOS and Android in 2021 that provides you all-pervasive support to plan your everyday life. 

  • nTask:

nTask is an absolute solution for people who get confused to organize the entire day’s task flow. This daily planner app helps you to manage your daily workloads easily and systematically. It also provides reminders for any pending task that may hamper your routine.  This free daily planner comes with the record meeting minutes program.

  • Todoist:

Todoist is an amazing app for all executives to students. It can fulfill all the needs of all individuals. It allows you to manage all tasks with a single click. You can set your own goal and then track your improvement. It showcases the monthly and daily progress in different color graphs.

  • TickTick:

One of the most popular day planners TickTick enables you to track your daily activity, catch deadlines and encourage you to work harder. An intuitive UI and personalized programs make users handle the app easily. Now, you can prioritize your task according to its importance and allows you to distribute your task routine with 29 people.   

  • Any. do:

If you use this day planner for your personal use, you will definitely save valuable time and make you on track. The sleek, classy UI comes with amazing themes and backgrounds. In fact, it gives the users an auto-suggest feature for better productivity along with WhatsApp reminders.




  • Google Keep:

Google Keep is a familiar name among day planner apps that prioritize your task with all-new color notes. It facilitates you to select notes for archiving and it allows you to note down your thought instantly and set reminders for accomplishing the work at the right place at right time.  

  • Habiticia:

Habitica is free of cost habit-developing and productivity increment app that designs your life like an engaging game. The incorporation of different Avatars makes users’ to-do list an interesting mobile gaming experience with this daily planner app. It motivates users with good habits by implementing a reward points format. 

  • Trello:

One of the most capable collaborative task and project management app Trello permits users to customize lists, boards, and cards. It enables you to discuss with your team member via messaging in real-time to finish all required tasks.  Now, you have the power to reschedule, rearrange, add comments, set due dates for better access.

  • Google Calendar:

Google Calendar comes under the best daily planner apps that set up a routine meeting with family and friends groups. You can set a reminder for future events and also able to find anything related to the daily schedule by doing an advanced search.  It gives you the ability to set a goal and share them with family members. Moreover, you can create a simple appointment slot with tracking a world clock time. 

  • Evernote:

Evernote is one of the most reliable day app planners that already has almost 1.5 million user-base. It offers users an easy-to-use formatting choice along with advanced searches. This app allows you to use it in offline mode and helps you to catch instant ideas and register them either in document or article format in a single place. 

  • Fantastical:

Fantastical comes with a quick-playing UI that exclusively designs for people who want to note all tasks with a simple click. It helps you to accomplish multitask within a short period of time. It allows you to get in touch with numerous applications like Zoom, Google Hangout, Google Meetings, and more to manage them subsequently. Even, iPhone users also get an opportunity to use the geo-forced reminders that allow you to get reminder notifications while you will reach a particular location. 


Wrap up:

It is time to wrap up this writing with a positive ending that you and other people can grow into their daily life by installing any of the above-listed day planner apps for leading a productive and effective life. 

Last but not the list, we wish you keep charged up with the latest day planner app.

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