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Best E-Learning Apps You Should Try

We are living in the era of digitization, and almost everything around us is digitized. During the torrid COVID-19 times, we had to stay in our homes, and whether it was office or schools, everything went online. 


Online classes were in the run for a long time, but these classes got the much-needed fire during the pandemic. The boring studies got exciting with the help of great new apps available digitally for your phone or laptop. These apps help a lot in improving your knowledge via videos, practicals, and by other measures. In this comprehension, we have mentioned some of the best study apps for students to help them study efficiently.


Top 10  E-Learning Apps 



Available on Google Play Store, Brainly is one of the best social network study apps that help you to dive into the waters of knowledge efficiently. With Brainly, you can browse many sites, answer other people’s questions, and provide them help.


The app is free to download but comes with different subscription plans. Brainly charge on a semester basis ($15), or a yearly basis ($24). It works for simple stuff like homework and offers an ad-free version. Flashcards

With the help of Flashcards, you can create flashcards about topics you want to study. The app comes with boasts cross-platform support, online support, and various study modes to help you learn better.


The UI is easy to use, but the free account limits the number of cards you can make. The app is free to download on the Google Play Store, but the paid version with other extensive features comes at $5 per month.




For every student, one of the biggest distractions while studying is their smartphone. Forest helps to put a full-stop to this problem. The app gives you a little motivation to leave the thing alone while you study. Whenever you open the app, a tree is born. The tree dies when you leave the app. It is basically a focus-based app that helps you gain better focus on studies. The app is available for free download on Google Play Store.



iStudiez Pro Legend

As the name suggests, this study app is suitable for all iOS devices. The app has gained many accolades and one of the most preferred study apps by the students.


The app lets students to get organized with the thick of things that include an overview screen, a planner, assignment organization, sync for multiple platforms, notifications and integration, etc. Apart from iOS, the app can run easily on Android and Windows platforms too.




LectureNotes has gained immense popularity and is one of the most preferred note-taking apps by the students. With LectureNotes, you can create a variety of notes including, handwriting, sketches, audio & video recordings, etc.


The app also comes with Evernote integration and a few plugins that record audio and video. These plugins cost extra, and the app only offers a free trial. 



Socratic by Google

With Socratic, you can get help on any subject including, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and others. The app allows you to access step-by-step explanations by taking a snap of the problem, and the OCR in the app will identify the problem and show you the steps to solve it. The app is available for free download on both iOS and Android platforms.



Individual topic apps

This is one of a kind app that lets you study different topic individually. Topics included in the apps are MCAT (linked), SAT (Ready4 SAT), EMT (EMT Study). Apps like these emphasize a particular topic and help in gaining immense knowledge about the topics. The app is free to download on the Android platform.




One of the most proficient and popular e-learning apps in India is Byju’s. The app provides a comprehensive and well-organized set of video lectures for students to help them score better marks.


Apart from engaging video lessons, Byju’s also offers a course-wise learning journey by dividing the syllabus into small ‘journeys’ that involves the breakdown of courses. The course modules are designed in such a manner that the students can check their progress with unlimited practice papers.




Next on the list is Unacademy, which is one of the largest e-learning platforms in India. The app helps students to prepare for different exams including UPSC CSE, IIT JEE, CDS/AFCAT/CAPF, NEET-UG, NEET-PG, State PSCs, Bank Exams, NTA-UGC NET, SSC Exams, NDA/Air Force X&Y/ Navy, and others.


Unacademy also hosts over 1.5K Live lessons every day so that students can learn extensively and prepare for the exams. The app is available in more than 12 languages.


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Time to wrap up: 

So, here is my compilation of the best e-learning apps available currently on both Android and iOS platforms. In case I have missed any of your favorite e-learning apps, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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