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Best 10 eBook Reader Apps

The eBook reading devices replaced traditional paper books in the digital age. Today you can easily download applications to your Mobile computer to read your favorite book on your Smartphone or laptop. Some of the best eBook reader mobile apps now offer hundreds of free books. You can easily scan for a book of your choosing with these devices, and start reading them immediately. You don’t have to go to actual stores anymore to buy books.


Top 10 eBook Reader Apps:

best eBook reader

1. Amazon Kindle:

It is one of the best eBook reader apps.  If you can read on your phone comfortably you don’t have to splurge on a precious new Kindle anymore. You will easily download their FREE app and browse any books that you have purchased from anywhere on Amazon!


  • Browse every free eBook.
  • Choose the font style, scale, and more you want.
  • Display high-resolution color images of magazines, newspapers, and classrooms.
  • Make and share highlights on the page.
  • Screen size and screen color customizable for easy viewing.
  • Access to online eBooks libraries.


2. Nook By Barnes and Noble:

You will access Barnes & Noble’s iconic e-reader directly from your mobile phone or laptop with the NOOK app. You will also get free access to 75,000 books!


  • More than 4 million eBooks, graphic novels, comics, and magazines
  • Custom recommendations curated by specialist librarians
  • Adjustable sizes, borders, screen luminosity, and spacing for easy reading
  • Download and show notes, and bookmarks.
  • Ability to make personalized quote cards and exchange them with only a few taps
  • Unlimited 14 days to submit every newspaper or magazine


3. Wattpad:

The Wattpad app lets you enjoy works from the Wattpad network by well-known greats and up-and-coming novelists. You can even start writing your own story and share it with others to get feedback!


  • Download your dream memories to carry with you everywhere you go
  • Sync your phone, laptop or tablet account to catch up where you left off
  • Chat with others in the community about your favorite stories
  • Tell friends about your library


4. FBReader:

FBReader (‘Favorite Book Reader’) will use the Google Drive-based cloud service to synchronize your books, read locations, bookmarks, and more.


  • Available in many formats, including .zip, MS Word, plain text, HTML, ePub, and RTF.
  • Adjustable fonts and glow on the screen
  • Found in 34 languages;
  • App available to access the numerous eBook catalogs and shops on the network


5. Scribd:

Scribd’s digital library includes thousands of bestselling titles from almost every conceivable genre, including true crime, travel, romance, and politics.


  • Audiobooks: Adjust the speed of your narration and set the timer for the sleep
  • Download the eBooks offline to read
  • Add annotations, reminders, and bookmarks
  • Change font size, font style, and background color
  • Syncs over several computers


6. Bluefire Reader:

Bluefire Reader lets users read secure eBooks on their smart devices from Adobe Content Server. Download eBooks from stores, authors, and libraries worldwide on EPUB and PDF.


  • Bookmark, illustrate, and annotate
  • Post excerpts by email or via social media
  • Take a short look at meanings
  • Organize libraries into collections
  • Synchronization of the location readings

7. Apple Books:

You may even have an excellent e-reader sitting in your pocket. If you own an iPhone, Apple Books lets you explore and enjoy thousands of titles in all genres.


  • The “Read Now” tab helps you see where you left off and get personal tips depending on what you wrote.
  • Organize collections in your library
  • Search and add books to your “To read” list easily
  • Auto-Night mode defaults to white-on-black text automatically for easy reading in the dark


8. Google Play Books:

Google Play Books provides millions of amazing books that you can download from your laptop or mobile phone.


  • Locate personalized reviews only for you
  • Off-line read
  • Take notes synchronizing with your Google Drive and conveniently share them
  • Night light mode changes the brightness level automatically for easy night reading
  • Online preview of million book previews


9. Kobo Books:

Kobo has plenty to give any reader, with over 6 million titles to choose from. Once you buy Kobo eBooks and Audiobooks they can appear immediately in the store, ready for you to enjoy anytime at any time.


  • Easy-to-use player helps you to use one-click to access your Audiobooks
  • Download thousands of online previews on eBook
  • Continue reading where you left off on any computer
  • Select your desired size and type of text
  • Love the atmosphere of Night-Mode for easy reading in the dark


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10. Libby by OverDrive:

With Libby, you can borrow the eBooks and Audiobooks from your nearest library for free. Everything you need to browse, review, and borrow some of the best books is your library card and smart screen!


  • Register for one or more library cards in different libraries
  • Download or watch audio-books and articles
  • Preview any book you want
  • Consolidated loans and assets on a single shelf
  • Keep signed up anytime you want



Forget about dedicated e-readers — the top eBook reader apps let you read stuff directly on your mobile or laptop. Apple’s Books and Google Play Books are both doing a fine job as stock apps, but professional read apps will add various features, including extremely configurable configurations, support for unusual sizes, read-all-you-can packages, and more.

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