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Farming Apps To Look Forward

Farming is one of the most popular activities performed by people worldwide for their livelihood. Countries like India and China are often termed as the best countries to carry out farming.

For years farming is practiced using various techniques. With the change in time, these techniques have been updated as well, courtesy of the introduction of new tools and modern techniques. Now, we live in the era of digitization, and there are apps for almost everything. Therefore, apps for farming and agriculture are also available on both iOS and Android platforms to help farmers remain updated with modern farming techniques. With these apps, farmers can ask a question directly from the agriculture experts and watch their videos related to new technology.

In this post, we will be discussing 10 of the best farming apps that are used extensively. So, without any further ado, let us start with the compilation.

Top 10 Farming Apps


Hay Day

The first app on the list is Hay Day. With this app, you can actively grow plants, trees, look after animals, fishes, and extract minerals from mines. It is a game that introduces new plants and animals as the level goes up. You are given a farm which you have to decorate by instilling different things that can be purchased from the internal store. The game will never let you off.

Agri App

The Agru App is one of the most widely used farming apps available on Android. The app has been rated with 4.3 stars on the Google Play Store, and it allows farmers to chat directly with agriculture experts. The Agri App also provides different videos for agriculture practices, chat services for farmers, and other different services.

IFFCO Kisan Agriculture App

IFFCO Kisan app is a highly recommended app for Android users.- This is a light-weighted app that lets farmers get all information regarding the latest mandi price, farming tips, latest agriculture advisory, agriculture alerts, and other related information.

Kisan Yojana

Kisan Yojana is another popular app on this list. This app provides information related to the govt schemes to farmers. In simple terms, the app reduces the information gap between the farmers and the government. When farmers can get information related to all government schemes, they can save their time and travel expense to reach the state Govt office.

MYRML For Farmers

Another impressive app on this list is the MYRML application for farmers. It is highly rated on the Google Play Store with 4.3 stars and offers a relatively easy user interface. The app is readily available in 10 different languages that let farmers choose from 450 crop varieties, 3500 weather locations, and 1300 markets. Further, the app provides weather forecasts and mandi prices according to user locations and offers rich agriculture content and information at every stage of the crop cycle.

Farm Manager

Farm Manager is another Android farm application that helps farmers to manage their farm via smartphones. The app allows a mobile office that monitors and informs the farmer for each stage of work. The app also lets you create new fields and gain access to an already created area as well. With this app, you can also create and restore a backup for each crop year.

Khetibadi Organic Farming App

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the Khetibadi organic farming app is designed keeping the Indian farmers in mind. The primary objective of the app is to promote organic farming and provides solutions to farming-related troubles. These troubles include Lack of direct market reach, Lack of logistics support, Lack of demand forecasts, etc.

Vegetable Farming

The vegetable farming app is an organized application for a start-up farmer available for free download on the Google Play Store. The app offers you various ways of farming vegetables, and also provides guidelines for the surrounding of different plants. When a plant or vegetable gets affected due to multiple diseases, you can find a remedy for them with this app.

Agriculture Act India

Now, this is one of the interesting apps every farmer should have on their smartphones.- This app provides information about all the Indian acts related to agriculture. The app is tailor-made for laypersons, law students, chartered accountants, agriculturists, and of course, for farmers. Also, the app provides a search option for a particular law, making it even more exciting.

Kisan Market

Kisan Market is an interesting app for farmers that provides information about the Indian markets. It gives the farmers a clear view of where they can sell their products. Besides, this app also provides weather forecasts of the current user location and lends information about the Govt schemes and subsidies to farmers.


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Time to wrap up: 

Here it is, a list of 10 best farming apps every farmer and agriculturist should look forward to. We have tried to compile the best of the lot. In case we have missed any of the names, do mention them in the comment section below.

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