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In the Television entertainment world, Amazon Firestick has created a new aura. People who purchase this revolutionary device, are not only enabled to watch their favorite TV shows on different channels but they are also free to access any sort of entertainment that transcends cable TV. 

A wide range of Firesticks is available in the market that enormously popular for their free offering services.  However, the most important question asked by all which app would be the best for Firestick? In order to answer this question, today we have come up with 10 top-class Firesticks apps that deliver free games, movies, sports, and other incredible performance in 2021.

Let’s jump onto the board straightway! 


Across the world entertainment market, Kodi is the finest streaming app for Firestick, which comes as a stand-alone application. You need to install an add-on plugin Kodi to broadcast music, sports, movies, and TV shows. The best part is you don’t need to pay a subscription charge. This Open Source application allows you to share your screenshots and photos. It offers an elegant UI.    


Netflix is a new sensation of Firesticks apps that most people nowadays are aware of. This streaming application enables users to stream more than a hundred TV series and movies. Due to its own blockbuster home-production, Netflix becomes a famous Firestick streaming app. Hence one common phenomenon often can be heard “Netflix and Chill”.  

     BBC iPlayer:

BBC iPlayer is another trustworthy popular Amazon Firestick app mostly and fundamentally accessed in the UK. It comes with HD movies, TV shows along Live NEWS, Sports, and Documentaries. It is an easily downloadable app in the Amazon app store that offers free content and hundred of channels with uninterrupted service. 


Crunchyroll is widely famous for its free content broadcast including movies, TV shows, and more. It comes with an easy UI and offers a video search option for users’ convenience. This app has both free membership and premium options along with an ad-supported experience.  

     Disney +: 

There is hardly anyone who does not love Disney movies and it has always been a centralized attraction for small kids near half a century. Disney+ enhances users’ entertainment a bit more by providing engaging digital content that includes National Geographic, Marvel, Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and more.  It also serves an ad-free entertainment experience with 4K UHD display support at an affordable price. 

     Cinema APK:

Cinema APK is another amazing Amazon Firesticks apps that consider its users to watch live streaming channels. In the first couple of days after installation, this app delivers numerous free features but to explore more flawless exceptional features you have to select a premium membership plan. It has an inbuild searching downloading option to download your favorite videos and movies instantly. 

     YouTube TV:

We all know about YouTube that it has almost all the content on every topic. It is one of the most useful Firesticks apps that offers you entertainment, live sports, news, health videos, workouts, funny content, and many other videos. Here users can create their own favorite music and video playlist. You can also play offline videos that you have downloaded on the YouTube app.

     HBO NOW:

HBO NOW is one of the most demanding Firesticks apps that delivers you all the latest movies, videos, and content. This uninterrupted video streaming app has its own content library that updates regularly. It has in-built navigation, an easy-handling option, and a video interaction tool for users’ convenience.


CatMouse APK is also counting under the best Amazon Firesticks apps because of appearing as an appropriate clone to Terrarium TV. It allows users to stream and watch live videos, movies, and web series hassle-free. You can watch every content on a high-quality display picture and offers useful links to watch and download your favorite video. 


     Typhoon TV:

Typhoon Tv is another important and famous Amazon Firesticks apps that comes with HD quality videos, and movies streaming on TV. The installation process is easy and you can get numerous curated online content. It has a pre-installed parental control feature that anyone can use to secure children from accessing any sort of adult content.

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