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Free AR Apps For Android And iOS Platforms

You must not be aware, but Augmented Reality has already made its way into the world of smartphones. The handsets made today feature powerful cameras that are capable of superimposing immersive graphics on your smartphone screen.


Augmented Reality is a futuristic technology that has laid its foundation now. As impressive as future phones maybe, when it comes to AR competency. Therefore, you should not be overlooking the AR apps, games, and practical utilities now. In this post, we have compiled some of the best AR apps available across Android and iOS compatible devices. Check out our compilation.


10 Free AR Apps For Android And iOS Devices


1. Just a Line

The first application making the list is, Just a Line. Google has used its won ARcore doodles to create Just a Line.- This app helps you drawing to life using Augmented Reality technology. Initially, Just a Line was meant for Android users only, but with its iOS version now available, iOS users can also join the fun for free.



2. IKEA Place

Next on the list is IKEA Place, another free AR application for both iOS and Android users. The app allows you to virtually place furnishing in their place. From tables to rugs and chairs, sofas and lamps, all products in IKEA Place are 3D and scalable.


The app is built by the Swedish Furniture retailer IKEA, which offers a bigger picture taking into account customers’ homes’ and the entire plan to figure out which furniture will fit best in which part of the house. The app comes with a drag-and-drop feature so that customers can get a unique experience.



3. Google Lens

Google Lens is the latest iteration Google has come up with in the field of AR. Google Lens uses the power of its computing cloud and identifies images, objects, texts, and landmarks in your photographs to fetch information.


Google Lens is available for free download for both iOS and Android users. It is also integrated into the latest versions of Google Photos on Android and iOS, along with the Google apps for iOS.



4. Google Maps

Almost everyone uses Google Maps nowadays, but did you know your favorite online map works on AR technology? Well, yes, it does. With the help of AR, the technological parameters of Google Map have extended towards practicality. 


The AR mode helps you to navigate via adding virtual signs and directional arrows over the live view to point the way. This pointing feature is an improved version of the old way of navigating, which is interesting too. Google Maps is available for free download on both iOS and Android platforms.



5. SketchAR

With SketchAR, you can turn your smartphone screen into an AR drawing aid, wherein you can overlay the sketch design and trace over an image. The app gives users the privilege to choose from a library of sketches included in the app or transform their own photos into traceable line art with the app.


SketchAR can work on A4 sized paper or any paper with four reference circle markers drawn to provide the scaling measure. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.



6. YouCam Makeup

As the name suggests, YouCam Makeup is an AR assisted selfie camera makeup app that lets you preview a range of beauty products including, blush, lipstick, eye makeup from various brands like Urban Decay, Maybelline, L’Oreal.


Apart from the makeup previews, the app includes some editing features like a lively social element that allows you to share looks, follow other users, and also shop and review products. The app is available for free download on both iOS and Android platforms.



7. Thyng

Thyng is an app cum toolkit used for creating augmented reality experiences. This tool enables a variety of AR effects like placing animated figures and 3D models on top of surfaces and targets, mid-air photos and videography, record videos of 30-seconds, and creating snapshots of your collection. You can download the application for free on both iOS and Android platforms.



8. Measure

Measure is another AR-related app developed by Google that enables you to measure the height of any surface. The app takes the help of ARCore as a testbed and showcases Android’s augmented reality capabilities. You can also switch between imperial and metric measurements, take photos and copy measurements to your clipboard. The app is available for free download only for Android users.



9. Snapchat

Next on the list is Snapchat that has been among the most popular AR apps for some time now. The app includes AR elements in the form of real-time transformations, special effects called Lenses that can be added to Snapchat video messages. The app also provides different filters to make your clicks even captivating. The app can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android platforms.


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10. Instagram

Making an entry on number ten is Facebook’s owned Instagram. A Snapchat-like filter is already added to the app, which is the AR face feature working on both front and rear cameras with all Instagram video and photo capture modes. Instagram also offers some amazing filters like Snapchat to enhance the user experience. You can download the application for free on both iOS and Android devices.



Time to wrap up: 

So here is our compilation of free AR apps for both iOS and Android platforms. In case we have missed any of your favorite apps, feel free to mention them in the comments section.


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