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The way of listening to music has changed so far as people used to buy CDs, records, and even they download their favorite songs. Nowadays, streaming music apps have taken a dominating role in spreading the melody all over the world. Now you have the power to listen to your favorite music, follow your inspiring artists, and can get notifications of their latest songs that never happened before. Among all these cool attractive features, the best thing is all these features are legally accessible, convenient, fast, and well-regulated. 

Though it still has an emotional value for many people to download and maintain favorite ‘music collections’, it has been fully associated with the top-ranked free music streaming apps for your Android devices. These best apps have not only gifted a wonderful platform to release music for many artists but also help a music lover to listen to his/her favorite songs and carry out their passion.  

Today, from this writing post, we will discuss that top-notch music streaming apps’ features and different song collections to boost up your music love in 2021. So are you ready? Let’s go!

  • Amazon Prime Music:

Amazon has currently caught the nerve of audiences today as it offering services related to entertainment. If you have the Amazon Prime Membership, then it would definitely be your first choice to choose from other free song streaming apps. It enables you to access 70 million songs and an unlimited offline download option. You can also get voice commands Alexa integration support. 

  • YouTube Music:

In video presentations, YouTube is the pioneer of online video streaming media. But do you know YouTube music is also a familiar name in free music streaming apps that anyone can access today? You can get permission to see lyrics between a music track and you can shift between video or audio mode. 

  • SoundCloud:

One of the most preferred free Android music streaming app SoundCloud offers different music downloading and streaming options from millions of different albums, artists, and musicians. Here, you can upload your own music content and showcase your talent to gather an audience base. 

  • Spotify:

Spotify is top-listed music streaming app for a wide variety of Android users and it considered audiences to make on-the-go music listening and can choose a million soundtracks throughout the globe. You can get various filter choices including artist, genre, language, name, and album. The premium plan is also available for an ad-free and personalized experience. 

  • Deezer:

On Google Play Store, Deezer takes a top-rated place in free music streaming app with more than 56 million music tracks. It offers you a special ‘SOng Catcher’ feature that helps you to identify your playing songs. It also allows you to get live lyrics and sing-along features. 

  • Google Play Music:

Google Play Music is a widely recognized and well-reviewed free online Android music streaming app that considers users to get access to diverse music albums and 40 million+ songs. It also gives your taste-matched song recommendation which is categorized according to your favorite music album, track, genre, and language.

  • BBC Sounds: 

The world around podcast and radio lovers are fond of BBC Sounds 5-starred Android music streaming app. More than 38 thousand users are currently using this app to listen to live BBC Radio Stations and you also can subscribe to radio programs, podcasts, and mixes.

  • iTube:

iTube is an extensively used online music streaming app that offers different features including offline mode listening, downloading, ad-free uninterrupted music streaming. It is completely encrypted and holds full privacy. You can purchase its premium version without paying any hidden charges. 

  • Wynk Music:

Our other top-ranked Android music streaming app in 2021 is Wynk Music that possesses 12 million and more users. They all have multiple options to choose their favorite music album in different formats including HD (320/256 kbps), High (128 kbps), Medium (64 kbps), and Regular (32 kbps). Here you can also get free ringtones and a dark mode background feature.


  • iHeartRadio:

Similar to the BBC Radio App, the iHeartRadio app permits users to get hundreds of different famous radio channels music, and albums across the globe. It has not any hidden charges or fee strikes on any device. You can create your own personalized playlist and listen to on-the-go favorite songs.

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