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Fundraising Apps Available In 2020

Mobile applications have covered every aspect of our day-to-day lives. One in the genre of mobile applications is the nonprofit application for raising funds.

For nonprofit organizations, raising sufficient funds could be a tricky task. People are more reluctant towards the trusted conventional methods like organizing campaigns in specific regions that might help in fetching sufficient funds.

Numbers suggest that 77% of all Americans are indulged in their smartphones tapping numerous applications. When there are apps for almost everything in this era, why not a digital fundraising app can breakthrough in the market. Many people are already using different fundraising apps, but this comprehension is for those who are unaware of these applications. Below is a compilation of the 10 best fundraising apps available on various platforms,

Top 10 Fundraising Apps

1. GoRaise


The GoRaise app lets you raise free donations every time you shop with the app. The app is rated with 4.9 stars on the Google play store, and has over 5k downloads. It’s prominent features includes,

  • You can earn free donations from your online shopping
  • Search for retailers or products on the app
  • Over 300 retailers to choose from including eBay, Marks and Spencers, and Argos
  • Start raising money today for free with no signup costs

2. Fundraiser Assist

Specifically available on Google Play Store, the Fundraiser Assist app collects money that allows nonprofits to raise funds for various campaigns, causes, and NGOs.

Users can easily create their crowdfunding pages, add and edit their appeals, get notified on payments, and thank their donors afterward. The prime objective of this app is to bring people together and work cohesively for the welfare of the community. Its prominent features include,

  • One can create crowdfunding pages and edit them as well
  • Campaign growth can be tracked as well
  • One can connect with the donors directly with thank you mail

3. Donor Perfect mobile

As the name suggests, the donor-perfect mobile app has set high-standards in raising funds. It is a web-based donor management solution. One of the top fundraising apps prominent features include,

  • It collects payments with ease
  • One-click contacts and you can tap only once on an email address to send them an email
  • Talk to text, you can dictate a note into your phone once a donor visit.

4. SimpleFund


SimpleFund is another easy to raise fund platform that is designed to raise money for non-profit organizations that may be large or small. With SimpleFund, the users can easily do things like online shopping, reading articles, watching videos installing the mobile application, and taking surveys. Its prominent features include,

  • Offers completely free services
  • Donations are linked to points which are collected from various stores and activities.

5. Helpfreely

Helpfreely helps in collecting free funds for the benefit of non-profit organizations and associations. Helpfreely focuses on creating a public profile and creates a special link. When this link is posted on various social media platforms, it can help in gaining supporters for the noble cause. Its prominent features include,

  • There are more than 4500 charitable shops available
  • Free fundraising service for supports and nonprofits
  • Easy integration of social media tools to raise money for charities.

6. WhoFundMe

WhoFundMe is a crowdfunding and fundraising platform where social issues like business projects, NGOs, creative projects and entrepreneurial venture helps in raising funds. Its prominent features include,

  • WhoFundMe uses social media to mobilize the funds for NGOs
  • Online giving and fundraising is safe and secured with WhoFundMe
  • Connects individuals and brands with fundraisers to increase social awareness for various causes

7. Give Lively

Give Lively

Give Lively is among the top fundraising platforms that enable non-profit organizations to utilize the total funds with no need of giving a penny. The products generated by Give Lively thrive to improve the exposure of charities. Its prominent features include,

  • They don’t charge anything from the non-profit organizations
  • Customization of fundraising pages can be done
  • It also allows nonprofits to customize the donation amounts

8. Fundly

Fundly offers a visually compelling experience in fundraising with social media sharing options, push notifications, blog-like updates, and prominent photo-video content. Its prominent features include,

  • Affordable for even the smallest nonprofit organizations
  • It’s not a free service as the company charge a 4.9% cut on fees donated, along with a 3% credit card processing fee

9. Coin Up

Coin Up is among the best fundraising apps of 2020. The app helps donors to choose the cause that provokes them to lend support. The app allows its non-profits to thank the donors every month via ‘Thank You’ snapshots. Its prominent features include,

  • One can donate easily using the ‘spare change’ option.
  • It also generates awareness for nonprofits both locally and nationally
  • Monthly revenue models for organizations
  • An accessible marketing toolkit is also available
  • Available on both Android and iOS platform

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10. Givebox

Givebox lends its support in raising funds for your nonprofit with nil cost. It helps in creating campaign pages, invoice sponsors, and also manages memberships.

The best thing about Givebox is, there is no hidden cost and its only objective is to merge payment processing and other fundraising tools into one problem. Its prominent features include,

  • No need to sign any contract or bond
  • Money is transferred directly to the user’s account
  • Users can create membership forms, fundraising apps for school, and tuition fees.


The best measure to raise money online is crowdfunding. Although it might be overwhelming in the start to raise funds for nonprofits organization with the aforementioned applications, however, these apps will be more than a handful in raising funds effectively to leave a positive impact on the society.

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