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What is IoT?

IoT or the internet things is an organized structure of related computing devices, digital machines, and people that are uniquely identified or possess UID’s.

What does IoT do?

IoT provides you the ability to transfer information and data over a communication network without requiring human-interference with a human or a computer.

The objective of IoT Devices is to communicate with other devices and applications to build a connection by means of internet transfer.

If we consider the speed at which IoT is rapidly growing and how it has been accepted by us makes everyone amused that will we be able to move past over home connected appliances and home assistance.

What are the predictions that IoT is going to rules in 2020?

As users are fond of IoT devices, it can be perceived that IoT has already set into the grounds of technology and will continue its charm in the year 2020.

Here are some reasons for it,

1) IoT security has become a priority
2) Smart cities concepts
3) AI and the data influence
4) Adoption of IoT in fitness and healthcare
5) IoT in manufacturing
6) Big data connection
7) Establishment of smart stores
8) Decentralization using blockchain

What are IoT cloud platforms?

IoT cloud platforms are the platforms on which an IOT based app can be developed.
Such platforms are widely used by developers to fulfill the need of the clients.

They are many companies that are building IoT platforms but there are giants who have set foot in this industry years back and there is no IOT platform comparison with them.

Following we have the list of top 10 IoT platforms for 2020:

1) Microsoft azure


Best Iot Platform Microsoft azure by MobileAppDiary

It is developed by Microsoft to provide an upgraded platform for IoT. Its main motive is to provide a scalable platform for the users. Azure is the topmost IoT platform of the tech industry and has been designed and developed to deliver the accurate collection and analysis of data. The accurate analysis helps other organizations to make the right decisions for the growth of their company. The major services provided by Microsoft include application services, virtual mechanisms, data storage devices, and database management.

2) Google cloud platform


Best Iot Platform Google cloud platform by MobileAppDiary


The google IoT cloud platform is widely used as it is loaded with lots of user-friendly features and is very simple to use. it is currently the 3rd largest IoT platform. The major services provided by them include documented-oriented database, expandable NoSQL database systems, and cloud computing.

3) Amazon web service or AWS


Best Iot Platform Amazon web service or AWS by MobileAppDiary


It is the first company to launch its cloud platform in the technology industry. It is developed and owned by Amazon. it enables users to host and provides management services over the internet. Many reputed brands use the amazon IOT platform to organize their infrastructure. The major services include cloud-based data storage, transfer of content and applications and infrastructure management services.

4) Thingworx


Best Iot Platform Thingworx


The owner of thingworx IOT platform is PTC. It is the creator of computer-aided design software and other technical equipment or machinery. Their software is used by many organizations for designing, manufacturing and servicing their products. It was acquired by PTC in December 2013. Thingworx is efficiently building an application that can be a gamechanger in the industry. The benefits of thingworx include easy connectivity of various devices, rapid data management, automated and quick analysis of complex content.

5) IBM Watson IoT


Best Iot Platform IBM Watson IoT


It is also one of the largest IoT platform provider in the industry. International’s business machine’s Watson takes into consideration of the latest technological developments. Users can use the IBM platform as per their choice, either for the construction of artificial applications and machine learning. The major services offered by IBM are control of remote devices, secure and easy transmission of data in the cloud system.

6) Cisco IoT cloud connect


Best Iot Platform Cisco IoT cloud connect


The major clients of comprises of mobile operators. In recent times, cisco made a partnership with the national farmer federation of Australia to deliver IoT solutions and infrastructure in the agricultural sector. The major services provided by them are effective and efficient voice and data connectivity. It provides a proficient SIM lifecycle and better IP session also offers users with customizable reporting and billing systems. The major benefit is that it helps in processing a large amount of data and other useful content providing a great advantage to the IT system.

7) HP’s universal of things


Best Iot Platform HP’s universal of things


HP provides its customers with efficient solutions for IT-related issues. It delivers the support system that is applicable locally and over the cloud system. Services like monetization for various organizations, effective collection, and analysis of data and a market for new applications are provided.

8) SAP cloud platform


Best Iot Platform SAP cloud platform


The sap is also widely used as it provides remote management and observation of all connected devices. Devices that are at a different location can equip a cloud or a direct service. It comes up with interactive features to build and manage an IoT application.

9) Oracle IoT


Best Iot Platform Oracle IoT


Oracle is a reputed brand in the technology industry. It is a worldwide software corporation known for its advanced software and solutions. Oracle IoT platform connects the company software to the real devices and their units. Oracle IoT provides a reliable and flexible environment for the development of an app that is used for a commercial purpose.

10) BOSCH IoT suite


Top Iot Platform BOSCH IoT suite


Bosch IoT Suite is based out of a company in Germany. It is among the topmost IoT platforms in the world. It is known for its flexible and reliable solutions and innovative approach. It is based on open source and its open standards.

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IoT is used worldwide now, its usage has been increased in the past years. It is still said as the phase of IoT has begun and it is soon to blow up the market in a few years.

IoT development can’t happen overnight so just embrace yourself for 2020 and get ready to adapt and love the technology of IoT even more. There are a lot of other companies that are providing IoT platforms but these organizations have marked their place in terms of service.

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