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Law Enforcement Apps Cops Should Know

Mobile applications have seen a consistent surge. In the era of digitization, mobile applications have scattered in the best way possible manner. There is a mobile application almost for anything and everything. But have you ever come across apps to assist law enforcement?

Yes, you heard it right. There are certain apps available for both Android and iOS platforms that provide digital resources for law enforcement. In this post, we have managed to compile 10 such apps suitable for both iOS and Android platforms that will give law enforcement agents that extra spark they need to get the job done with precision.


Top 10 Law Enforcement Apps

Top 10 Law Enforcement Apps

1. Droid Law

The first name on the list is Droid Law. It is an ultimate legal resource for criminal justice on the go. The app offers extensive notifications from federal and state laws to the endless list of regulations, codes, and procedures in a single database. 

The app is leveraged with every aspect a cop could wish for. Droid Law is available for free download on the Android platform.


2. Smart Tools 

The next app on the list is Smart Tools. The app is best suited for those who enjoy the finer points of forensics. Smart Tools provides tools for sound and vibration, length and angle, distance and height, and for compass and metal detector app.

The app uses your smartphone’s camera for some of its tools so that you get accurate answers to your investigation. The detective in you will get full-on satisfaction using this app. Smart Tools is free to download for Android users.


3. SceneDoc

With the SceneDoc app, the front-line officers can collect notes, issue citations, and complete reports by viewing case file all in one place.

The cops and agents can experience faster, clearer, and richer information. The app also helps in improving the safety of the officers in the field and higher levels. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.


4. Police Spanish Guide

Communication in a patrol is a must, and anyone in law enforcement knows its vitality. The communication barriers are no more a trick with Police Spanish Guide as the app help cops communicate to Spanish-speaking citizens by providing audio translations of commands in yes/no format.

The citizens in the US are fluent in Spanish as it is the second most common language spoken there. Therefore, there is no communication barrier. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.


5. US Cop  

The app is rated high by critics and pipped as one of the best apps for law enforcement officers. US Cop provides more than 1400 pages of content relating to accident investigation formulas, case law resources, training articles, law enforcement training modules, pill identifiers, and much more. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.


6. PoliceOne App

Before the app, the website made its appearance. The people in law enforcement know that the website is best for breaking news, general law enforcement material, police resources, etc. The website has now transformed into a mobile app.

The free resources available in the app include breaking police news, photo reports, tactical tips, and the entire archive of all PoliceOne articles. The app is suitable for both iOS and Android users.


7. Miranda Warnings/Rights

The app is developed in both English and Spanish. This app helps officers when reminding suspects of their rights. The app is tailor-made for officers who need a quick reference about a suspect. The app is exclusively available for the Android platform.


8. Scanner 911

With the Scanner 911 app, the officer can listen to emergency responses that happen on your smartphone. 

The app comes with live audio from a wide range of fire, police, and EMS scanners around the country. The officers have the leverage to filter by the location that is sorted by city and distance. Scanner 911 is also available only for the Android platform.

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9. Early Bird Alarm Clock

The job of a cop is very demanding. They work for irregular hours and have to be at their best, even in crunch situations. Their shifts keep on changing, and it gets tough to getting used to a new time-table. The most affected part is the sleep routine that gets affected adversely.

However, with Early Bird Alarm Clock, this concern is nothing but a piece of cherry. The app offers various functions like setting alternate alarms so that you don’t get used to one alarm. There are some fun puzzles as well in the app that forces you to turn off the alarm. The app is available only for the Android platform.


10. NoteCam

For officers who are looking to add relevant notes to their photos, NoteCam is the app they need. The app also lets in adding the location, estimated distance, and the time the image was clicked. The filler feature enables officers to search for any photos they are looking for. The app is solely available for Android users.


Time to wrap up:

Here is my compilation of the best law enforcement apps available for both Android and iOS. In case I haven’t mentioned any of your preferred ones, feel free to mention the name in the comments section.

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