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Best Mobile Apps For Elders

How often are your parents or the adults around you on the smartphone? Well, this question had no significance 10 to 15 years back, but ever since technology became an integral part, it paved way for generations.

The elder people are usually not too much into learning new stuff, but trends have changed now, yet they now live with time and not afraid to explore new opportunities. Gadgets like smartphones and tablets have become a dire need for all and inevitable for elderly people as well.

Below, is a graph depicting the number of smartphone users since 2012.

Elderly StatsFrom the above figure, one can easily conduct that there has been a rapid increase in the number of elderly smartphone users.

The ridiculous rise in the number of smartphone users aged above 50 meant that the app development companies started creating applications that are creating a buzz in the market. Below, I have penned down some mobile apps for elders which are not only capable of killing their boredom but also give yet another reason to befriend technology.

Top 10 Mobile Apps For Elders


1. Magnifying Glass With Flashlight

Magnifying glass with flashlight

Vision takes a pounding with age. For those who are fond of reading but unable to read with precision courtesy false eyesight, Magnifying glass with a flashlight is the quick fix.

This simple application helps in reading a small text as it gives a quality zoom along with a flashlight to even read in the dark and make text easily readable.

The application is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

2. YouTube


Online video streaming application Google’s very own YouTube has been putting smiles on many faces over the years. YouTube’s database is gigantic which tenders a hefty collection of videos of almost every genre.

This can be easily called as the top mobile app for elders, wherein, they can watch any video of their liking anytime and anywhere without making any compromise with quality.

Both iOS and Android platforms run the YouTube mobile application.

3. Facebook



Standing right at the top of the pile in the Social media market, Facebook is popular among the elders as compared to its competitors in many ways.

Firstly, Facebook’s interface is more user-friendly than others. Secondly, the news feed gives an update of day to day activities around the world. Lastly, Facebook is far ahead when it comes to having users aged above 50 than any other social media application. Seniors can easily stay in touch with their loved ones.

Facebook is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

4. Whatsapp

Whatsapp most importantly has bridged the gap between video callings. Previously, people had to download applications like Viber, IMO, Skype, Line, etc for video calling. However, ever since the inception of video calling in Whatsapp, your smartphone has been relieved from bestowing space for any other video calling application.

For seniors, the use of Whatsapp is priceless as they can make long-distance video calls hassle-free over cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Again, this chatting and calling application is easily available in iOS and  Android platforms.

5. Kindle


For the elders who are into reading and who want to explore new genres in reading. Amazon’s Kindle is a directory of downloadable and online e-readers.

Kindle has its own device but offers mobile applications as well. From adjusting brightness to zooming texts and using a build-in dictionary, Kindle has its task cut out for the seniors. An all-new reading experience is already enthralling all aged groups.

Available on both iOS and Android platforms.      

6. Audible


Another exciting application from Amazon which offers audiobooks both free and paid. This is a blessing and one of the best mobile apps for elders who are not interested in reading but listening to stories.

The application has over 100 million downloads on the Google app store and has been rated 4.5. With timely updates, Audible keeps its listener craving for more.

Available on both iOS and Android platforms.      

7. Evernote


Evernote is the virtual wish list and to-do list. The sticky notes gracing refrigerator doors are a part of the past now. Evernote gives the chance of saving to-do stuff along with all kinds of reminders. This is something tailor-made for elders.

The login process could be complex, but once that is cleared, the access to the application is hassle-free.

Not only on Android or iOS, but Evernote is also available on the Windows platform for laptops and desktops.

8. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

A game that has reached immaculate heights in terms of popularity and downloads. Candy Crush Saga has been one of the cornerstones in mobile gaming which is suited for all age groups.

Complex things are not the cup of tea for an age group above 50 in technology. It is simple to play which is all that elders need to maintain their cognitive health.

The ever so popular game is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

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9. Heart Rate Monitor Pulse Checker: BPM Tracker

BPM Tracker

One of the most important application for senior citizens. With Heart rate monitor pulse checker get the most precise ratings without the need of any other equipment apart from your smartphone.

The features included in the app are, Measuring heart beats, Measuring heart rates, Identifying different heart zones (sitting, standing, running), Google fit support, Gives complete details of calories, etc.

10. OLA/Uber


For elders who are not comfortable driving, hiring a drive is the only option they have. With drive-hailing apps such as Uber, OLA, one can easily traverse from one place to the other. Just book a ride and pay as per your convenience whether at the end of the trip or instant online payments.



With the rapid increase in technology especially in the smartphone sector, it has become a dire necessity to remain in the race. Seniors have been coping up nicely so far and the same could be expected in the future as well.

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