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Best Note Taking Apps In 2020

Are you among those who make a note of even the silliest things? I mean, I’ve seen many people around me who still carry small notepads to write stuff that they often forget. But what if these paper notes are torn or lost? In a better approach, one should give space to note-taking apps that are available for both Android and iOS.

A mobile phone is something that can be found in every pocket now. Therefore, it is better to introduce stuff that is easily supported on smartphones. The note-taking applications are among those needful and important apps people should have in their smartphones.

Both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store are flourished with note-taking apps. These apps are not limited to just note-making but offer some extensive features that are more than just making a list. In this comprehension, I have hand-picked some of the best note-taking apps to help you choose better. Give this list worth a look;


Top 10 Note Taking Apps


1. Google Keep Notes

Google Keep Notes

A product of Google, the Google Keep Notes is among the highly rated notes taking apps available. It is one-step ahead as you can capture ideas by using texts, lists, images, and audios. To create notes, you can use text and even draw to keep your list in a handwritten form. To personalize the interface, you can use dark and light themes.

Other features include setting time and place reminders, check off your completed tasks, add photos or drawings, add a collaborator to your notes and lists to get things done together, group notes together with labels, etc.

2. Simplenote


With not many additional features, Simplenote offers you to simply write down what’s on your mind and proceed further with no fuss. However, you will just get three extra features i.e. search, pinning important notes, and checklist. Well, these three are among the basic features which every note-taking app offers.

Just like a recycle bin, you can easily restore any of your trashed notes anytime or empty the trash to completely get rid of them.

3. Material Notes

Material Notes

Another app that comes with minimal features and could be termed as a straightforward note-taking app. Its interface is eye-catchy which will give you a soothing and colorful experience. Its features include creating notes and to-do lists, you can start your important notes, secure your notes with password, export and import notes from and to other apps and devices, custom fonts and themes, etc.

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4. Evernote


If you are looking for a note-taking application that is best for organizing and planning work, then Evernote is where your search should end.

Evernote is considered among the most favored note-taking application used for organizing and planning. There are many features which make this app so popular, some of those features are, you can add voice messages, set dates, attach files photos, videos, audios and handwrite, secure your notes by setting a 4-digit passcode, take pictures and save them in different formats, save webpages by sharing it to Evernote with web clipper, etc.

The highly advanced features are not available in the free version. To escalate your experience you need to subscribe to a paid plan.

5. ColorNote


ColorNote offers various features wherein you can write notes, memos, messages, e-mails, and prepare other necessary lists. You can organize your schedule by creating notes in Calendar.

Among other features, there is one “auto-link” feature which automatically detects web links or phone numbers in your notes and redirects you to a web browser for link and dialer for the phone number, which means there is no need of copy-pasting. You can also keep your notes secured with a passcode.

6. DNotes


DNotes is another highly rated note-taking application available for Android which focuses on creating notes and checklists. You have the option of adding categories to organize your notes, choose from different themes, set colors in your notes, lock them with your fingerprints, and the most prominent feature is that you can backup your notes to Google Drive or SD Card.

7. OneNote


A product of Microsoft, OneNote is always listed among the best note-taking apps. With OneNote, apart from textual input, you can add notes by handwriting, by using clip content or drawing. You will just need a free Microsoft account.

This app is best for teamwork and also offers cross-platform support. It also lets people work on the content together simultaneously.

8. Notepad Free

Notepad Free

A simple note-taking app that lets you create notes without any complexities. The interface is simple with not many trendy colors and all. With Notepad Free you can sort your notes with title or date and can even share content with other apps and people. A simple yet effective way to make notes.

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9. Squid



With Squid, you can be creative. It is the best note-taking app for handwriting where you can write via stylus, pen, or finger. Among the prominent features, you can use as many papers as you want, ink can be modified, you can insert texts, PDF and shapes, easily zoom in and out your notes, adjust handwritings, etc.

10. BlackNote


An all in black note app which gives you a completely black background. Like all other note-taking apps, you can create notes, checklists, and even star your important notes which are automatically pinned at the top.

Its other features include setting passwords on notes, add sticky notes to the home screen, sharing notes to other apps and people, etc. For those who are seeking an easy note-taking with no or less hassle, BlackNote is a good option.


Here are the 10 note-taking apps that can be used to store secure your ideas. These apps give you quick access to your ideas and at the same time their interface is fancy and spice up your experience of making notes.

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