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Puzzle Games Available On Android

Are you a fan of Android Puzzle gaming? If your answer is yes then you have hit the right place. Smartphone controls are tailor-made to enjoy the fun of puzzle games. You can easily move a block from one place to another by dragging your fingers across the screen.

Puzzle games are often categorized as stress busters. Apart from killing boredom, puzzle games enhance brain nerves to circulate blood freely with some impressive challenges. In this comprehension, I have come up with an assortment of the best free puzzle games available on the Android platform for both smartphones and tablets.


10 Best Puzzle Games Available On Android

1. The Room Series

The Room SeriesTermed as ‘the definitive puzzle experience’, The Room Series is one of the highly acclaimed puzzle games available on Google Play Store. Rated 4.8 and over 1 million downloads, this puzzle game is one of its kind.

Developed by Fireproof games, The Room offers a mind-boggling journey equipped with beauty, peril, spellbinding visuals, and mystery all in equal proportion. There are four games in the series with the latest one being The Room: Old Sins.

2. Mini Metro

Mini MetroBestowed with several accolades including BAFTA nomination, IGF Award, IGN Mobile game of the year nominee, Gamespot’s best mobile game of 2016, Mini Metro is a subway simulator steeped with puzzle elements.

You need to draw subway lines that connect various stations that pop up as the city expands. There are different game modes on offer to enjoy along with a pleasing soundtrack which will perhaps not let you move out of the experience.

3. Total Party Kill

Total Party KillDeveloped by Adventure Islands, Total Party Kill is a game that features a trio of heroes who are into dark single-screen dungeons, and the only way out is to creatively use friendly fire.

Your task is to figure out in which order everyone needs to be dispatched. Throw heroes as the Knight, freeze them into ice blocks with the Mage, or pin them on walls and use them as platforms as the Ranger. As long as one hero survives to the goal, you win the level.

4. Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor PortalIt’s an amazing cross-over title that provides challenging gameplay. You can use Portal gadgets, like portals, repulsion gel, propulsion gel, cubes, aerial faith plates, and more.

Other features include merging of two worlds i.e. the first bridge constructor with an official portal license, creating complex constructions with the Aperture Science labs, help your bendies cross the finish line, etc.

5. NYTimes- Crossword

NYT CrosswordIf you are a fan of solving crosswords than this one is for you. Get daily puzzles that are released at 10 PM EST, which is before appearing in the newspaper. As the week progresses, the puzzles get tougher.

Apart from daily puzzles that are offered on weekdays and an extra-large one on Sundays, there is a mini-puzzle as well that is short, sweet, and available without any subscription. The app-in purchase feature gets you to access other puzzle packs.

6. Threes!


An endearing puzzle game that keeps you enthralled for good. A fun number-based puzzle game where you have to swipe around the grid and match like numbers.

The game gets over when the grid is full if you failed to match like numbers that get stacked. It is a simple game, but you need hours to master it. The free version comes with hindrances like ads but for an unfiltered experience, the paid version is the need of the hour. One of the best time-killing puzzles on the Android platform.

7. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Friday the 13th- Killer Puzzle

The game comes with 8 gut-wrenching episodes and over 100 free killer puzzle levels. The objective of the game is to stalk and slay campers across the puzzle levels with the horror icon Jason Voorhees who will terrorize victims across the world.

The puzzle includes all related characters and elements from Friday the 13th move and the game is well designed with the horror portion up and booming.

8. Dissembler


A subtle, inventive, and relaxing puzzle whose vibes will keep you engaged. It is basically a tile swapping game wherein you have to flip the tiles at each level to match the colors.

Winner of the Excellence in Design award at Freeplay in 2018, Dissembler like any other game gets tougher with every level making it a complex puzzle. The game offers a total of 120 levels with no time or move limits.

9. Two Dots

Two DotsAnother easy to learn and relaxing puzzle, the gameplay offers you to join two brave dots as they traverse the arctic tundra, fiery jungles and immerse into the ocean depths.

You have over 900 levels to work through and once you are done with the first 10 levels, the going gets tougher. Once you have reached the 35th level, a new mode is unlocked named Expedition. There is more on offer with Two Dots, no wasting time, just download it.

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10. Brain it On!

Brain it On!Here’s one deceptively challenging physics puzzle. You have to draw different shapes to solve challenging puzzles which are not at all easy.

With every challenge comes various solutions, but can you dig down deep to get the solution? The complexity of game multiplies itself where you have to compete with your friends for the ultimate Brain it On! Crown. There is a free version available for the game, however, if you want to remove ads and add hints, a paid version is adequate.


So, it is now time to challenge yourself with a new puzzle game. Though there are lots of game available on Google Play Store, puzzle games are one such genre which keeps both your mind and mood engaged.

The aforementioned list is worth giving a go. If you have the puzzler in you this list is going to nurture your day. Let me know in the comments which particular game thrilled you the most.

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