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Best Secret Texting Apps

The upgrades in the mobile app industry have given birth to various methodologies that are helping businesses all over the globe to reach a new market. The new ideas and innovations are bringing out the apps that deliver great utility to the users. But, as both the apps and the users are increasing, it results in more data theft.

Data privacy & security is a matter of concern that should be taken immediately into consideration. The current world is given to the preceding scandals that have taken place.

The government implements duties by keeping a check on the user’s data sharing on social media apps is private and can reimplement their ideas. Now, you must be thinking that it is not all that data that you have shared with your friends might have reached the wrong hands.

It is necessary to keep your things private, you might want to download secret texting apps that are on the rise currently.

Secure privacy & ignore all the hassles of hacking and snooping with the best secret texting apps.

The Top 10 Secret Texting Apps In 2020


1. Hide SMS:

The secret texting app for Android can conceal private conversations in the best way. Easy and simple saving of MMS, Call logs, SMS of undisclosed contacts beneath the PIN pad, the app lets you save specific contacts as a secret.

You can simply save a contact as private contacts, and everything will be done. When those contacts call or text, you will be directed in the interior of the application.

More than 1 million users use the app. few of the app’s features are:

  • With any web browser, you can open PSB
  • Privacy Guard
  • Auto backup
  • A secret mailbox with no application icon
  • Messages oscillate from the stock app
  • Outgoing & incoming texts will be secreted automatically
  • Sending unrestricted free texts to other users is possible.



The best mobile app to hide text messages across unlimited competition. You can utilize the app as an anonymous user, one can also make back-to-back encrypted voice calls. Use the app on PC as well as phone and keep all data secured from third-party developers & hackers.

The app has over 3.5 million users which are benefitting largely from the app. Here are the few features of the app:

  • Facilitates multi-file format
  • With the innovative poll feature, users can conduct polls
  • Send voice & text messages


3. Signal Private Messenger

The private texting app is a highly useful one as the services of such secret texting apps never access any of the communications. The app never stores data and employs a high end to end encryption protocol. It has over 1.4 billion users. few of the features are:

  • Open-source cryptographic protocols
  • Renders audio call back up
  • Servers do not store messages



The app is available for Apple users. The approach of the secret chat app is different as it hides in the keyboard. It encodes secret messages in normal text messages.

Users press on disguise messages for long & can see the contents on the keyboard and read hidden Kibo messages. Few of the features are:

  • No cost included
  • It functions with messenger & WhatsApp
  • Touch ID & passcode setting available
  • Sending non-secretive messages


5. Silence

A very sound MMS & SMS secret testing app for Android users. It can interact with the contacts freely without any fear of privacy breach. Hidden messages app for Android lets you share media in various formats via secure channels.

  • Open source and a free app
  • Communication executed via encrypted messages
  • Internet connection is unrequired.


6. Blur Chat

The app is only available for Apple users. It comes with touch ID & facial recognition. Only the receiver can read your secret messages after the receiver confirms the identity through the features.

  • Hide real information by changing the picture & name of the contacts
  • Message and picture deletion possible
  • Automatic destruction of messages


7. Viber

One of the most used secret apps that look like games that are secure and simple. Using such chatting apps lets you make high quality calls for free. A data plan or a WIFI connection is required to use the app.

  • It has over one billion users across the globe.
  • Syncs seamlessly with tablets & desktops
  • Secret chats come with self-destruction feature
  • Create a Viber community with members


8. Telegram

The app tops the list of sought-after secret texting apps. You can connect people over disseminated data center networks worldwide. The app provides data syncing over different devices, the app lets users access messages over the platforms. There is no limit on the size and kind when it comes to sending files & media. Here are a few features of the app:

  • Unrestricted file-sharing & messaging
  • There are video & photo editing tools
  • Offers complete support for manifold accounts
  • 256-bit symmetric AES encryption is utilized for making messages encrypted


9. Wire:

It is the app that among the many brands & organizations that solely depend on secure communications. The secured chat app is the perfect option for them. The private messaging app encrypts all data, and European privacy laws protect all information.


  • Offers protected file sharing
  • Uninterrupted encryption
  • Supports video and voice calls
  • Login with manifold accounts



Falling under the category of top-secret texting apps, it can make your social life extremely happening. It is because there are options of media and music management where you can discover the global audience by utilizing the live features.

  • Individual friend permissions option
  • Fabricating & maintaining separate circles is possible by users
  • A timer option for self-destructing messages



There are many other secret texting apps. For you to find the perfect one for yourself, chalk down the requisites from the app. You might want a secure messaging app or routine message removal app, etc. From the perspective of the developer, you must look into hiring advanced and first-rate developers.

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