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Well, it is quite tough to find out the best application in the android store. There are millions of Android apps in the Play Store; it can be difficult to know which one suits the requirements in the best possible manner. From the past few years, the android apps are revolutionizing the world with its wide features and functionality. So here, we are going to mention the list of android apps that have been chosen by our experts.

Some statistics about Android applications

There are about 2,901,861 number of Android apps on Google Play store.

There are approx. 2,784,161 (95.9%) apps free in the market.

The present number of paid apps in the market is 117,700 (4.1%)

List of top 10 trending android applications:

1. Instagram 

It is one of the leading social media apps in the world with more than 1 billion active monthly users.

2. Uber

With over 95 million users, the taxi booking app is leading the US marketplace.

3. Amazon

The ecommerce apps have more than 150.79 million mobile users in June 2019.

4. Netflix 

The entertainment app has 158 million subscribers in 2019.

5. Airbnb

The travel and hospitality app is expected to reach 45.6 million users by 2022.

6. YouTube

Yes, the video and music platform grabs approx 37% of all mobile traffic.

7. Spotify 

The music app has more than 248 million active users in Q3 2019.

8. DoorDash 

One of the leading mobile food delivery services apps is estimated to hit 60 million by 2023.

9. Remind 

It is the leading Education category app in the US for 2018 with more than 11 million installs.

10. LinkedIn

Professional networking currently has more than 610 million members. The android app of LinkedIn is downloaded by 1.4 million people from the Google Play store.


Nowadays Android mobile applications have become the most important part of our daily lives and without them, we cannot imagine our lives. The main aim behind this list of statistics is to point out how useful these applications are and how important these applications have become in a very short period.

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