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As we all are living in an era where technologies are constantly evolving and keep upgrading to deliver a better experience for us. In the last few years, there is huge growth in technology like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. There is already a huge amount of data to manage, but the arrival of new technological advances helps to use big data in different ways. The most important thing to do this is that we need to keep updated with every data science technology trends.
Data science is a field that covers lots of topics like deep learning, IoT, AI, and various others. This means that it is not a single term as it can easily solve various business issues like computation, mix of data interference, analysis, and technology.
Data Science also offers advanced technologies and tools for businesses to provide help in mechanize complex business processes that are related to analyzing, presenting data, and extracting. There is no doubt that there is a huge advancement in technology and data is also generated quickly. So it becomes important to know about the latest Data science tools.
So, through this blog, we are going to discuss the top technology trends in data science for 2020 that help your business in achieving the desired success.

List of Top 10 Best Trends in Data Science Technology:

1. Quick Growth in IoT:

There is no doubt that top IoT Platforms and it’s application is going to be something big in the upcoming years and at the end of 2020, it is expected that the investment in this technology will be around $1 trillion. It is the sign of its advancement in smart and connected devices. In the last year, we used apps and devices to control devices like AC, TV, etc and this all is possible due to the IoT.
IoT is able to attract users with devices like Google Assistant and Cortana and it defines its power. This will encourage businesses to use this technology and enhance the growth of their business.

2.  Big Data Analytics :

In data science technology trends we can’t ignore the importance of big data. Today, various different businesses are taking the help of big data to achieve desired goals. There are various different tools to analyze data and python is one of the best tools.
Now, businesses are mainly focusing on predictive analysis that allows companies to create unique strategies to achieve business goals. It helps you in identifying the interest of customers based on their previous purchases.

3.  Growth in Edge Computing :

Edge computing helps in eliminating the traditional cloud systems and it enables businesses to store flowing data near the data sources which helps them in analyzing it in real-time. Edge computing also offers the alternate of big data analytics because big data analytics requires high network bandwidth and high-end storage.
Currently, there is huge growth in the devices and sensors for collecting data and that’s the reason companies are using advanced computing. Edge computing with cloud technology is able to deliver synchronized structure.

4.  Data Science Security Professionals :

The arrival of AI and Machine learning technology helps in creating different roles in the industry. This is the reason that professionals in Data science security are high in demand. The technologies like AI and ML are totally dependent on the data, so the data scientists must have specialists in data science technology trends.
Data Science Security professionals help in safely process customer data with their expertise in the latest technologies in big data analysis and data science.

5.  Augmented Data Management:

This trend will help in enhancing the abilities of companies to analyze the data that comes with high levels of automation in real-time. There are various different tasks in the data management side of the process like schema recognition, cost models, capacity, and compliance. All these tasks are managed by the Augmented Data Management.
With the addition of ML and automated service, data management tasks will go too reduced by 45% in 2022.

6.  Graph:

Graph processing helps in enabling data exploration which reveals the relation between logical concepts and entities like transaction, people, and organizations. Due to the advancement in Graph processing, it is going to see huge growth in the coming years. It regularly accelerates data preparation and also enables the compound and adaptive data science.
The graph helps in enabling the evolving semantic graphs and data networks. It helps in linking the different data.

7.  Access to Artificial Intelligence:

One of the most prominent technologies of recent times is Artificial Intelligence and it will thrive more in the upcoming years. In 2020 we are going to see more advanced uses of AI technology. It helps in enhancing the business processes and data of customers.
In the few years, we found that more advanced applications are developed with the use of AI and it helps in enhancing the way of our work and in 2020 it will be going to be one of the top data science technology trends.

8. Continuous Intelligence:

It helps in enabling smarter decisions via real-time data and enhanced analytics. It includes situation awareness to recommend the action that would need to take. Continuous Intelligence is automated, intelligent, and result-driven.
In the upcoming years, most of the major business systems are going to include continuous intelligence to improve decisions through real-time context data.

9. Persistent Memory Servers:

These type of servers helps in enabling the larger memory, less complex availability, and affordable performance. Now, most of the database sellers are modifying their system to provide support to such types of servers. It helps in permitting the analysis of additional data, in-memory, and real-time.
At the end of 2020, persistent memory servers are going to represent more than 10% of in-memory computing GB consumption.

10.  Blockchain:

Blockchain is one of the most advanced technologies to offers transparency and security to the system. In data science technology, it is particularly important in the area of trust. It keeps track of your system and whenever something modified from external sources, it informed you. Blockchain Development Technology  is highly useful to keep track of fake news and any unwanted entrance on your system.

Top 10 Data Science Technology Trends


Data science is going to be the most popular technology at the end of 2020. In this blog, there are top 10 data science technology trends. These trends help you in enhancing your business. You need to analyze your business and after that according to its requirement, you can use any of the trends to improve the growth of your business.

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