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Best Video Calling Apps Available in 2020

The year 2020 has not fallen short in offering unpleasantries. A forced lockdown courtesy COVID-19, loss of lives, world economy taking a toll, and whatnot, we have witnessed all in 2020.

With people stuck in their homes quarantined, the dire need for video calling suddenly rose to prominence. The essentialness of video calling applications has evoked in these unprecedented times to the fullest.

No one could have imagined video calling 5 years back when it was mostly laggy courtesy of unstable internet connections. With high-speed internet offered at reasonable rates now, video calling is no longer an uphill task. People are conducting live video sessions of Instagram and Facebook, and it seems like these virtual meetings are soon taking over the real ones.

So today, I am here with a compilation of the 10 best video chat apps for Android which offers the best user experience for face-to-face interaction which is just a few taps away from your phone.

Top 10 Video Calling Apps


1. WhatsApp


Does this app need any introduction? Whatsapp started as an online chatting app, and soon it expanded itself with the introduction of audio and video calling.

The reliability and popularity of Whatsapp could be acknowledged by the fact that it has over 2 billion users worldwide and these numbers will keep on increasing.

2. Skype


Another free video calling application that allows up to 50 people over a video call and also supports international calls and texts.

Skype is a product of Microsoft and has a browser client as well. Its compatibility ranges from Android to iOS and is easily accessible on a Windows desktop as well.

As Skype supports international calling and texting, it is a one-stop solution for friends and family residing far away. To explore more features like screen sharing or live transcription, get a paid version.

3. Google Duo

Google Duo

Launched in 2018, Google Duo acclaimed the prime position among the top video chat apps for the year 2018. The best part of Google Duo is it is completely free as none of its features are chargeable.

Google Duo was launched as a befitting reply to iOS’s longtime vide chat application FaceTime. With the latest update in GoogleDuo, you can now have a video conversation with up to 12 people at a time.

4. Viber


Apps like Viber and Skype started the trend of video calling and generated that spark in everyone’s mind to opt for video calling. It was launched in 2013 and is still rated with 4.3 stars.

Some of the premium features offered include,

  • Free international video and voice calling app
  • You can hide messages from the messaging screen that you don’t wish others to see

Provides automatic encryption to secure messages, voice and video calls, texts

5. Zoom

The lockdown has forced employees to work from home. Many organizations and companies have opted Zoom to conduct digital meetings as it can support around 100 concurrent participants.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom downloads on Android Play Store have witnessed immense growth as it has become an essential part of organizational communication now.

Its premier features include,

  • Screen sharing possible in the free version for Dropbox, Google Drive, and Photos
  • Works seamlessly on both phone and desktop
  • Offers safe driving feature for a smooth experience even while driving

6. Discord

Discord is your place to talk and get connected with your friends easily. This application is extensively used by the gamers, but you can start a server and chat with like-minded folks.

The recent update has fixed many bugs including rotation crash fixes and much more. Discord has over 100 million downloads and is rated 4.5 on Play Store.

7. IMO

IMO is one of the simplest video chatting apps offered by Android. Apart from video calling, it supports audio calling and texting even cross-platform.

Its main features are,

  • Despite being a simple application, IMO is rich in security as it provides complete encryption on both messages and calls.
  • You can even make group calls with IMO

8. Google Hangouts

One of the most underrated apps available on the Play store. It is easy to access cross-platform apps that can be used for audio/video calling and texting.

The application doesn’t pack a punch with heavy features but is easy to run on the Android platform. Some of its basic features include,

  • A cross-platform application and syncs chats across all your devices
  • Video call can be escalated to up to 10 people
  • It is already connected to your Google ID

9. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger also provides video calling facility and lets people connect over a video conversation. The best part of Facebook Messenger video calling is that you don’t have to share your number, instead your Facebook id will work.

The prominent features of Messenger include,

  • You can easily find your friends by names or phone numbers.
  • Compatible with all devices and platforms
  • Impressive doodles, stickers, and gifs



10. Line

Line rose to prominence when Viber came into the market. Line is another popular messaging platform that offers free voice, video calls, and texts.

With Line video calling, you can even add effects and filters which look impressive in real-time. Some of the prominent features include,

  • Offers group chat feature with over 200 people simultaneously.
  • There are hundreds of stickers to choose from while on a video call to make it more fun.


Here are the best video calling apps for Android. Enjoy your lockdown with any of the aforementioned video chatting apps and get connected with your loved ones.

Timely updates are assured with massive competition in the market so it’s now time to choose the video chat application which best suits you.

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