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Virtual Reality Apps To Use In 2021

Virtual Reality isn’t a new concept in the computing world. Android smartphones nowadays are used for multipurpose. You can play games, click pictures, book a meal, a cab, and other stuff. These smartphones are also capable of supporting Virtual Reality apps.

Google Play Store apart from providing many useful apps, also offers virtual reality apps, both paid and free. Virtual reality apps for Android provide a real feeling of a place, driving, visiting a horror place, watching 360-degree videos, etc. These apps provide a breathtaking virtual environment that is actually a simulation of actual things with no or little hardware support like Google Cardboard VR headset or other VR features. In this post, we have compiled some of the best VR apps that you should give a try.


Top 10 Virtual Reality Apps


1. Fulldrive VR 

The first application on the list is the Fulldrive VR. It is a highly related app securing 4.1 stars on Google Play Store. The app is compatible to work with any virtual reality viewer like a Google Cardboard VR headset. The app lets you stream YouTube videos in a VR video player giving you the feeling of a real theater. The app is available for free download on the Android platform.


2. Cardboard Camera

Cardboard Camera is among the most popular virtual reality apps. It has been rated with 4.4 stars on Google Play Store. With the Cardboard camera, you can capture pictures with depth and sound that can be seen and heard in VR. The app has approximately 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store.


3. Insidious VR

If you are a fan of the famous Insidious horror-movie series, then you should be liking Insidious VR. The app has been rated with 4.3 stars on the Google Play Store. You can experience Elise Rainer act as your guide in this horror adventure. To get the best experience you will require a Google Cardboard and a VR headset.


4. Within VR

Next on the list is Within VR. This application is a delight for anime lovers as it consists of some of the best and high-quality animations, award-winning documentaries, stories, and much more. The application gives you some quality content. One of the best things about this app is that all the photos can be are captured with a camera or a rendered CGI. You can download Within VR on both iOS and Android devices.


5. VR Space

The next application on the list is VR Space. The app gives you an immersive virtual experience of sun, star, and planet systems. With this app, you can even discover the depth of galaxy and vast galactic VR space. The app is highly popular on both iOS and Android devices giving stunning views of VR space.


6. Discovery VR

Another popular app on the list is Discovery VR. This application is especially meant for the Android users who are a fan of discovery and wildlife. With Discovery VR, you can enjoy a closer view of discovery with its high-quality videos with a 360-degree camera view. To run this app, you should have the Android 4.2 or above version.


7. YouTube VR

The ever-so-popular YouTube also has its VR version. The online streaming website owned by Google offers a plethora of virtual reality content and 360-degree videos that can be enjoyed using the VR headset.


8. Jaunt VR

Jaunt VR provides various videos in abundance ranging from music, comedy, nature, etc. The app provides an immersive cinematic VR experience via a 360-degree video view. The best part about the app is, all the videos are available for free. The app has been rated with 4.2 stars on the Google Play Store and is available for free download.


9. Cedar Point VR

Cedar Point is another highly rated app available on Google Play Store. The app is planning to make the world’s longest dive coaster in northern Ohio in the US. Cedar Point gives you the feeling of the world’s longest drive.


10. Google Arts and Culture

This app is tailor-made for art students and those who want to explore historical places and cultural heritages right from the comfort of their couch. The app comes with over 2000 cultural institutions from 80 countries that can offer you some unknown knowledge. Some of its impeccable features include famous tour sites, high-definition artworks, world-class museums, and experience culture in 360. The app is available for free download on both iOS and Android devices.


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Time to wrap up: 

If you want to try your hands at using virtual reality apps, give this list worth a read. We have managed to include some of the finest VR apps of almost every genre here. In case we have missed any of the names of your favorite VR apps, mention them in the comment section.

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