Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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The concept of fooling your brain to the extent where it experiences bliss and delight while it has been physically confined in a controlled, regulated environment can be vaguely termed as Virtual reality.

No, this isn’t a scene describing sci-fi type alien abduction. Nor this implies a dark experiment being conducted on humans tied on a table deep into the dungeons.

Before it gets too shady, every one of us knows what Virtual Reality is right? This is an amusing technology, waiting for us to uncover its hidden potential. Virtual reality has some fantastic use cases in today’s world. There are virtual reality apps, virtual reality games, virtual reality headsets and lots of other ways we have harnessed the power of Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality innovation is making its mark and carrying with it some profitable uses for organizations. Regardless of whether it is vehicle creators, in networks, instructive establishments or assembling units, they are for the most part receiving VR (Virtual reality) as another chance to associate with their clients and construct connections.

Here Are 10 Best Virtual Reality-Based Apps One Should Check Out:

1.  Google Arts and Culture

Watch the famous Monalisa painting, while you cozy up on your couch. Visit exhibits, zoom-in on famous works of art, and browse thousands of stories, photos, videos and manuscripts with Google Arts and Culture.

There are more than 1,200 museum, galleries, and institutions in 70 countries listed in the app.

2. Google Earth VR

Geography nerds, this app is for you. If flying around the planet like a superman was your dream, download this app now. You can also use the quick-nav menu to visit landmark sites like the Pyramids of Egypt or the leaning tower of Pisa.

3. Public Speaking

This app is fantastic. It creates virtual environments and settings to practice public speaking in. Whether it’s a job interview that you are preparing for or a public speech, you can select the virtual environment of your choice. You can also select the number of people in the audience.

App also has animations and sound distractions from the virtual audience.

4. Discovery VR

Discovery VR app lets you explore some of your favorite content from ranging from various documentaries and series in fully immersive 360° video. Dive into the bottom of the ocean or experience the wilderness of thick forests. The app also provides information about various aspects along the way.

5. Within VR

Within VR is one of the best launchpads for immersive content. It puts you right into the center of all the action. It lets you explore and feel the worries and wonders of the world; everything from a first-person perspective.

6. Ocean Rift

Experience the inexperienced. Enter the terrifying yet wondrous world of ocean. They have 12 huge open habitats to explore at your whims and fancies. Swim with dolphins, manatees, sharks, and more

It also provides a therapeutic experience if you want to simply sit back and relax while the little fish swim past you.

7. Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR

Revisit the famous 1971 Moon landing on your smartphone. Experience everything from the rumble of the spacecraft, the descent to the surface, the walk on the moon like astronauts did, and everything else you can imagine doing as an astronaut

And, you can even drive the Lunar Rover!

8. Star Wars VR

You are a Resistance agent on Jakku, a desert environment from ‘The Force Awakens’ in this app. The app also introduces an AR character that comes to life after one scans the special movie poster.

9. Need for Speed: No Limits VR

This is like Need for Speed on drugs! The game simply becomes stunning with an immersive experience. With superb graphics, NFS brings a high level of graphics from smartphones to VR.

10. YouTube

The plethora of technical talent behind YouTube and the online behemoth, Facebook are pouring in a gigantic amount of VR based content. A list of best VR based apps cannot be complete without YouTube. There are numerous videos where YouTube has embedded the VR option which switches the video to VR mode in an instant.


The market for Virtual Reality apps is flourishing. This is the correct time to be in the VR environment. Get in touch with a reputed virtual reality app development company and bring your VR app to life.

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