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Women Safety Apps Across Platforms (2021)

Women’s security is something that has to be looked after for any country regardless of its stature on the world map. As time has evolved, technology has also redefined itself. Thanks to the technological enhancement, there are numerous apps available that are tailor-made for women’s security. In this post, we have compiled such apps that are expected to secure the future of women.


10 Best Women Safety Apps 


My SafetiPin

The first app on the list is My SafetiPin. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app uses GS location to gather your information. Also, you can use the app to find alternative routes to avoid perilous areas. Here are some other notable features of the app,

  • Allows you to call emergency contacts with a single click
  • You can also calculate the safety score with elements like lightning availability, the openness of the location, and security presence.
  • Multilanguage app available in Hindi, English, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Cambodian languages



The next app on the list is VithU. This popular emergence app activates when you press the power button twice. Some of the prominent features of VithU are,

  • Sends the alert message to users’ emergency contacts every two minutes
  • The message reads, “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location
  • Available for download on both iOS and Android platforms


Women Safety

Available specifically for Android devices, the Women Safety app is tailor-made for women who are ardent travelers. The app can send you an email with your location along with a link to Google Maps to your favorite or closed contacts. Some of the intrusive features of the app include,

  • You can add close contacts and their email ids for sharing alerts
  • Three colors to reflect safety levels, Green for safety, red for cautiousness, and red for danger
  • You can also send SMS with the location for emergencies



Another highly secured app for women making this list is bSafe. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app has inducted the concept of adding guardians to alert them for emergencies. You can activate the highly secured and in-demand SOS feature that automatically starts video recording. Some of the highly entertaining features of the app are,

  • The app has been highly praised on ABC, NBC, CNN, Forbes, etc
  • Voice command available to alert people in case of emergency
  • If needed, you could use the fake call feature to avoid certain situations



Available for both iOS and Android devices, the CitizenCop app allows women to connect with the police in case of any emergencies. Also if you witness a crime, the app allows you to report the crime anonymously to the police. Some other interesting features of the app are,

  • You don’t have to reveal your identity necessarily while reporting a crime
  • You can send alerts whenever you are stuck and can’t speak
  • Check if a vehicle got stolen by its registration number



Rescuer app is a perfect companion for women to keep them safe. With Rescuer, you can add up to 5 contacts who will receive emergency alerts from your side. Some of the interesting benefits of using Rescuer are,

  • You can send text messages along with the GPS location with a single tap
  • The app also offers voice command to send text messages
  • Available for Android users only



Raksha is a Hindi word that means safety. The app is meant for helping women and ensures that it is a protective companion for them. Below are some of the notable features of the app.

  • Your family members can track your location using the app
  • Send instant alerts with a single tap
  • The app shows the nearest police station for your safety
  • Only available for Android users



Grannus is a women and child safety medical emergency that has been strengthening women and children’s safety in today’s ambivalent times. The app is available on the Android platform offering various features like,

  • Offers a toll-free number for people who do not have a smartphone.
  • Women in distress can seek NGOs on women safety for help
  • Provides you alerts in case you missed taking your medicines


Himmat Plus

An initiate by Delhi Police, the Himmat Plus app is tailor-made for women security residing in the nation’s capital. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices with a simple user interface and offers various features like,

  • The app can send the location of the user to the Delhi Police
  • The app doesn’t violate any information provided by the user
  • It sends audio-video information in an emergency to the police



The final app on the list is Letstrack. The app gives real-time tracking and alerts in emergencies. Also, the app is capable of tracking vehicles with the help of a specific device. Some other notable features of Letstrack are,

  • The Radar View feature helps you to find out other Letstrack users in the area
  • You can also deactivate tracking anytime
  • Offers a multi-map view that includes satellite maps
  • Available for download on both iOS and Android devices


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Time to wrap up: 

So here are some of the most popular women safety apps running nowadays. If you haven’t downloaded any of these apps yet, it is high time to do so right away.

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