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There is a tension that has outgrown between China and India. Both countries are implementing their methods in fighting this war. The need to go for ‘MADE in India’ products and services led to In India, a wave for anti-china is flowing throughout the nation.

The wave of anti-china views across the country, boycotting of Chinese items from their phones to support the in-direct movement. Indian intelligence agencies have red-flagged over the top 15 Chinese apps used in India over security concerns, according to media reports.

The agencies have asked the Indian Government to either block the apps or issue advisory to stop people from using it. The agencies are expecting to extract a large amount of user data and sending it to a server outside the country.

A few weeks back, an app named Remove Chine Apps gained popularity in India. Soon after, the app was published, millions of users install the app. The remove China app works by scanning phones for any Chinese apps and delivers an option to delete them.

The app is currently removed from the playstore as it was violating the guidelines of Google Playstore. You can still install the APK file, but there is no need for you to do it. You can uninstall any app going in the playstore and do not need any additional app for you to do so.

The list of top 15 Chinese apps in India 2020 also included Zoom which had been flagged by the Union Home Ministry. The app gained traction with an increase of up to 2000% during the pandemic 2020. However, zoom clarified that it had no links to China.

The company stated “There has been significant misinformation circulating about zoom with regards to China from various channels. Zoom is a U.S based company, founded and headquartered in San Jose, California. In India, we’ve been proud to help businesses, agencies, schools, and more to stay connected during this global health crisis”. Many users do not know which of the installed apps on your smartphone belong to the Chinese organizations.

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Here, we have come up with the top 15 Chinese apps that are used & you can easily uninstall them and make use of the alternatives.

1. TikTok

The app is a short-video making app that has faced and still confronting controversies in India. Sometimes, it targets the LBGTQ community or the useless things that are sharing in the app. The app is owned and developed by a Chinese developer & has over one billion downloads on Playstore.

2. VMate

It is another app that works on the same methods as the TikTok- video-sharing platform. The app is owned and developed by a Chinese company and has over 100 million downloads.

3. Helo

The app comes pre-installed on a lot of smartphones. The app is also developed and published by the Bytedance and has over 100 million downloads.

4. Vigo Video

The playstore has a plethora of apps of the same domain. The app is a short video sharing platform with more than 100 million downloads.

5. UVideo

It is a video status service that allows users to download videos to use for Facebook stories or what’s app status. The app has over 50 million downloads.

6. MV master

It is a video editor app developed by KWAI.XYZ Studios. The app is highly preferred in India and has downloaded over 50 million.

7. Club Factory

one of the top and preferred apps in the shopping segment of India. This eCommerce app has over 100 million downloads.

8. Applock

80% of the android users keep it to keep their files and apps locked. It has over 50 million downloads.

9. Shein

A shopping eCommerce app that delivers the best trendiest outfits. The app is based out of China and has over 100 million downloads.

10. Xender

It is another file-sharing app that sends the files at a higher speed. The app has a developing team and is based out of China and has over 100 million installs.

11. Shareit

Shareit is one of the most popular files and media-sharing apps in India. The app works on the technology of transferring files with zero interference at the speed of wi-fi. The app is developed in China and has over 1 billion downloads.

12. CamScanner

It is a globally popular app that transforms your phone into a digital scanner anytime & anywhere. The developers of the app are Chinese & the app boasts over 100 million installs.

13. BeautyPlus

A photo editor app with filters for selfies. You can only click a photo and save it on the device or can share it on different channels at the same instance. The app has over 100 million downloads.

14. UC browser

It is one of the most used browsers on Android after Google Chrome. This China-based app has also faced a lot of controversies earlier. It claims that the search queries data of users are sending out to servers outside India. The app has over 100 million installs.

15. PUBG mobile

It is one of the best FPP games developed by the Tencent games, a Chinese gaming company. It has been one of the most popular mobile games in India in recent times. Users of every age group are playing here and immersing in the high-quality graphics. The app has millions of downloads both on Apple Appstore and Google playstore.


There are over the top 15 Chinese apps used in India that pose a threat to India. We have listed only a few of the whole list based on the usability of the app. There are many alternatives available for each app. Try finding and use them.

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