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9 Best News Apps For Android

A few years back people used to wait for newspapers to know about the latest news about various sectors to stay updated with the situation. With time people have changed the way of waiting for news and slowly adopted news apps to get instant updates. Mobile applications have become one of the best ways to read the news of your choice and navigate to your best news apps for android.

With the rise in mobile app development technology, there is a huge rise in the number of news mobile apps. It has become quite easy to get awareness about the latest news. There are several news apps in the Google play store which are offering its users with diverse sections news such as technology, politics, weather, and entertainment, etc. This way, the user has a wide choice to download the best news apps for android to read the news in which they are interested. The news apps are doing great work by providing with best and useful information on their devices.

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There are a lot of applications out there that delivers the best information to its users, to make your search process easier we are here with top 10 news apps for Android that make your experience with the best news apps for android even more interesting.

best news apps for android

9 Best News Apps For Android

1. Microsoft News

It is also known as MSN news, and people love this app due to its accurate information. It is one of the best news apps for Android. The app offers its users the best experience and its effortless design helps you effortlessly navigate through all the app’s features. It is easy to check all the personalized news stories. The settings option provided in the app help you to select the news of your choice from different breaking news stories so that you get details about all the latest happenings in the industry.

2. Reuters

If you love to follow the latest news then you might be aware of this news app. This Android app is doing great work by providing its users with the best information. What makes Reuters get a place in this list of top news apps for Android is the fact that this app covers almost all the topics you must be looking for. It is a great option to download from the Google play store as you will never miss any latest news.

3. BBC News

BBC News has whatever you are looking for in the news app. It is a news channel that is known to everyone as its accurate information and on-time reports have helped it to spread its wings all across. BBC is well-known for producing impartial news which is why a lot of unbiased people want to read the news from this app. With this app, you can customize the settings as per your choice and turn off the background synchronizing.

4. AP News:

This news app is new to no one as this app is used by several Android users. The platform provides news from various authentic sources available to its users nationwide. The interface of the app is easy to use and fresh and features an assortment of topics including politics, technology-related, sports, entertainment, and more. This app is free to use but the only thing that irritates the user something ads that we keep on getting on.

 5. News360

This app has become very famous and well known over the past some years and that too for good reason. The interface of the app is simple to use and the appealing designing of the app makes it user -friendly. The app is just like other apps mentioned in this blog, as it allows you to search for your favorite topics easily. The social media integration on the app makes it easy for users to share the news with friends.

6. Flipboard

Well, this list of best news apps for Android cannot be complete without this app. Flipboard is an app that changes your view about the news apps. This app gives you unique experience to the majority of its users, by engaging its users with interesting and exciting news stories. The design of the app is just like a magazine that makes reading the news quite comfortable for the user. There are various options available in the Flipboard app to know the latest news in the entertainment world.

7. Inoreader

It is a news app which you can customize according to your tastes. There are more than 28 pre-made topics in the app and you can choose the topics as per your choice. The app offers various features to its users from offline support to trending topics. It is a good option that you can choose for your daily news read if you don’t want to do some extra homework in searching for the news. The app is free to use.

8. SmartNews

Well, it is a new app but offers a lot of features to its users. The app in a very short period gained huge recognition. The app gets data from various sources and its users with the best trending information. The app is offering some good stuff for sure but it takes some time to become one of the best news apps in the play store.

9. Circa 

If you love short and crisp news look no further then Circa. The app offers you with tailored news specifically for mobile consumption. The experts in this news channel craft the news in short and easily digestible sentences so that readers can read the news in one go. There are various sections in the app like top news about politics, technology, science, and much more. The news offers come images and followed by a sequence of story modules as you scroll down the app page.


In the present scenario, staying updated with the latest trends in our fast-paced world is important. Most people don’t prefer newspapers and thus depend on mobile devices for getting the latest information. If you are finding an app that provides you with the best information then you can download any of the app mentioned in the blog and get the latest updates in a hassle-free manner.

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