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Nowadays, we all are depended on technologies for different works as our whole life is surrounded by technologies. From morning news to late-night smartphone use, we find technology everywhere. Thanks to the arrival of the smartphone and mobile apps that bring everything at our fingertips. From Statista, more than 92% of our mobile usage time spent on using mobile apps and we spent around 3-4 daily hours on our smartphone.

Now the whole world is using smartphones, you don’t need to stand in long queues at the banks. From reports, it was found that last year, there has been a 60% jump in the banking transactions, and in the US around 70% of people have shown their dependency on banking apps.

Now, you become aware of the usage of banking apps. Such apps allow you to check your balance, transfer funds, make payments, check deposits, and perform different banking functions through your smartphone.

So, in this blog, we are going to know about best banking apps that offer user-friendly interface, better customer satisfaction, and organized workflow.

The below graph shows the share of the population using mobile banking apps in the US:

Features of the Banking Apps

With the arrival of banking apps, it becomes easy for users to perform bank operation through smartphone and that’s why now every mobile app development company start developing banking apps. Let’s look at some of the top features of banking apps;

Personal Financial Assistants

With best banking apps, you will get a voice-activated virtual financial assistant that provides support of 24*7 to you and get instant solution for your every query. You can perform your all banking activities through the personal assistant feature.


Such apps offer extra security to your banking experience as with the use of banking apps, you don’t need to worry about any type of security issues and now some of the best banking apps offer facial recognition and fingerprint ID to deliver better security.

Deposit Checks

Now you don’t even go to the bank to deposit your check as now banks offer virtual check deposits feature. You only need to take pictures of both sides of your check and upload it through your bank app.


It is the best thing about banking apps as it provides quick bank operations to users. Using the banking app, you can instantly pay your bills and get its update on your smartphone.

Best Banking Apps

You can enhance your banking experience with the use of mobile apps. A study shows that now 82% of mobile bank users have a banking app on their smartphones. Now every mobile app development company creates banking apps, let’s check some of the best banking apps present in the market.

1. Bank of America

It is one of the best banking apps and in 2018; it was also recognized as an exceptional mobile app by J.D. Power. It delivers top-notch customer satisfaction and makes it easy for users to do financial transactions securely. Using the Bank of America mobile app, you can easily and instantly perform different bank operations like pay bills, receive funds, schedule payments, and many more.

It also offers a full refund in case of any fraudulent transactions and that’s why it is well-known for providing better security in comparison to other apps.

Best Features:

  • Request for check copies
  • Option to replace or activate cards
  • Reviews balances and activity
  • Set or edit notices for eligible cards

2. Capital One

It is a highly recognized banking mobile app for providing the highest customer satisfaction. The best aspect of Capital One is its tracking feature using which you can keep eyes on purchase and credit history. It also makes it easy for you to use banking operations instantly and also offers incentives to enhance your experience.

Best Features:

  • Instant Push Notifications
  • Keep track on your credit score and redeem rewards
  • Track your credit and purchase history
  • You can directly lock your credit card if lost

3. Citi Mobile

It is considered as one of the best banking apps and if you have a large number of credit card linked tasks. Using the app, you can directly make credit card payments and also track your FICO Score. It is easy to log in to the app using user-ID and password but if you don’t want to log in then you can use the Snapshot feature to get details about account balance and recent transactions.

Best Features

  • Quick Fund Transfer to different bank accounts
  • Request for a statement on email
  • Easy to find nearest Citibank ATM, branches, and retailers
  • Spending on summaries of various categories like health, travel, etc

4. Discover Mobile

Discover mobile app for anyone who owns so many credit cards is the perfect mobile payment device. The main feature of this app is that you are credited with credit/debit points if the transaction succeeds. These points may be used for other purchase transactions. Discover Mobile is one of the best banking apps with a special travel reminder feature.

Best Features

  • Option to generate a new card
  • Redeem your incentives for direct deposits or a statement credit
  • View and Search transaction activity
  • Easy to make payment and cancel/edit it

5. HSBC Mobile Banking

For consumers, the HSBC online banking app is a gift. In 2018 HSBC was known as the world’s seventh-largest bank. You will handle your funds without any issues with this banking app. You can log into the database, show balance of accounts, and execute transactions directly. The 128-bit SSL encryption is secure for the device.

Best Features

  • Track your Transaction History
  • Secure message box
  • Home and away from freedom program offers
  • Exchange and deposit rates

6. PNC Mobile

PNC banking software provides its customers with 24-hour banking facilities, allowing consumers too securely and conveniently access account details from their mobile devices. With the optimized location services like the ability to check by zip code and street address, PNC Bank’s closest branch can be located wherever it is.

Best Features

  • Bill Payments to Billers
  • Send money instantly and securely
  • Option to transfer funds
  • Virtual check deposits


The above-discussed apps are some of the best banking apps that deliver values to the banking experience for customers. With the use of these mobile apps, it becomes easy for us to perform banking operations through our smartphone. These apps also make sure that we can securely perform transactions without wasting much time and effort.

If you are planning to have a banking app, and then make sure that you hire a top mobile app Development Company that includes all the important features you want in your banking app.

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