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Bitcoin needs no introduction as it comes as a storm in the financial sector. Bitcoin offers an alternative for the government-based currency that we regularly use in our daily life. It is also observed that the digital currencies like Bitcoin are easy to use, highly secure, and also offer more privacy than the regular or traditional currency we use. The reason behind this is that digital currencies have more value compared to traditional currencies like the U.S. dollar. In the last few years, the value of Bitcoin is skyrocketed and this provides an opportunity for the people to invest in it and gain huge profit.
But before you proceed with Bitcoin, it is important for you to know about the risks with Bitcoin. It is said that Bitcoin doubled in value after a few years, but it can also be easily dropped to zero in value. So, if you are able to understand the risks of Bitcoin and you want to proceed with it, then there is some best Bitcoin wallet that you can use.

Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps

1. Coinbase

Coinbase Best Bitcoin Wallet App

Coinbase is the best Bitcoin wallet app and it always comes first whenever it comes to Bitcoin wallet apps. Coinbase is an easy way of buying, selling, and holding cryptocurrencies. With the help of Coinbase, you can easily connect with a US bank account and also able to transfer dollars from your wallet. You can also use these dollars for your use or also transfer it into new ones to sell and buy. In addition to Bitcoin, Coinbase also supports Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum as well as Litecoin. There are also some rumors about the addition of Ripple currency getting support of Coinbase.
Coinbase Bitcoin wallet app is easy to use and with regular updates, it provides enhanced security and better user experience.

2. Trezor

Trezor Best Bitcoin Wallet App

It is not a selling and buying platform like Coinbase. But it is a Bitcoin wallet where you can easily store your Bitcoin. It is a physical device so that you can plug it into your Smartphone or computer to access the coins. This wallet can work with various currencies and offers various useful features like password manager and two-factor authentication device.
It also helps in offering protection against lost passwords and also protection against lost devices, but make sure that this would never happen. So, the important task of this wallet is to provide security to your Bitcoin from being stolen.

3. Electrum

Electrum Best Bitcoin Wallet App

It helps in storing the Bitcoin in the form of encrypted files on your desktop and laptop. It is a software Bitcoin wallet app that is available for various operating systems like Android, Python, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. The most important thing about the Electrum wallet is that with the use of it you can quickly store your Bitcoin on desktop. But the negative point is that if the system crashed than you can lose your coins.
Electrum also supports a recovery process that allows you to generate a physical cold storage space with a set of keys.

4. Blockchain

Blockchain Best Bitcoin Wallet App

The technology behind the existence of the Bitcoin and other different digital currencies is Blockchain. The technology is just similar to the Coinbase Bitcoin wallet app which allows you to buy and sell via the platform. With the use of Blockchain, you can also send and receive cryptocurrencies with a small charge.
Blockchain also provides security to your Bitcoin wallet as it includes three security features such as email verification, two-factor authentication, and also a back-up security phrase.

5. Robinhood

Robinhood Top Bitcoin Wallet App

In starting it is a stock trading platform, but after that, it expands itself to other investments like cryptocurrencies. Robinhood works as a Bitcoin wallet and also as an exchange like Coinbase, but you can’t transfer coins in and from Robinhood through another wallet.

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One of the important features of Robinhood which makes it different from others is it’s freely available. There is no commission while purchasing and selling Bitcoin and it is also secure for your stocks as well as for your coins.

6. Exodus

Exodus Best Bitcoin Wallet App

It is a software wallet same as an Electrum, but more innovative to use. In the Exodus wallet, there is no setup account, due to which your currency and wallet can be used by you only. It includes various useful security tools and also private key encryption.
It is the best wallet if anyone wants to invest in digital currency and get success.

7. Mycelium

Mycelium Best Bitcoin Wallet App

It is a top Bitcoin wallet for Android which is not available for desktop. It is also known as the mobile-only Bitcoin wallet. One of the major issues with Mycelium is that it is a little more complicated in comparison to other wallets, but if you are an advanced user, then you will find it easy to navigate.
Mycelium also offers bank-grade security to its mobile users, which has integration with a third party like Trezor. It helps in keeping Bitcoin with you, wherever you go.

8. KeepKey

KeepKey Best Bitcoin Wallet App

It is a Bitcoin wallet that offers advanced security against any type of theft. It helps in providing security to the Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. It also enables the storage of different types of cryptocurrencies and allows you to keep track of the balance of the Bitcoin wallet.
It integrates with the wallet software on your desktop with the use of private key storage, private key generation, and transaction signing which helps in delivering top-notch security to the private key.

9. Copay

Copay Best Bitcoin Wallet App

It is a software wallet which helps in combining the advanced security with a host. With its multiple features, Copay enables secure transactions by providing an extra signature; also provide extra protection, and increasing the value of wallet for businesses. It is an open-source which is freely available.

10. Armory

Armory Best Bitcoin Wallet App

It is a Bitcoin wallet that is well-known for its security and flexibility. In comparison to other wallets, it is easy to use and companionable with Windows, Mac OSX, and Pi, which are available for advanced users of cryptocurrency.
It is not easy for newcomers to be a part of the cryptocurrency world as it is a little confusing for them. With the help of Armory, you can store Bitcoin.


The world of cryptocurrency is not easy for everyone to enter, as footfall in this area is enhancing with each passing day. You just need to take proper steps in the right direction to get better results. So, according to your operating system, you have to choose the best Bitcoin wallet app for the management of Bitcoin.

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