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Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task, you take a lot of risks on your back. Risks are unpredictable in nature and no matter how much you prepare for it, there will come a moment when you realize- “the higher the risk, the higher the profit”. Most of the start-up’s organizations fail because they are not able to handle the risk and all their efforts establishing their enterprise go in vain.

It is very necessary to have a clear picture of where your organization is heading. You need to be acquainted with the drift of the stages in a start-up; like what is the accurate period to raise the funds and more.

A START-UP can go into many phases but the question arises- what is actually a start-up?

Well, for the additional information, a start-up is a company founded by an entrepreneur that provide their services or product to meet the market demands. A start-up may be funded by founders, families or outside investors and no one wants to lose their hard-earned money.

A start-up in app development involves many phases and in the overall process, UI design plays a very crucial role in mobile app success. A better UI design reaches the hearts and the minds of the users and customers as it displays visual content and much more.

So, we have come up with the top mobile app design tips for start-ups that can help your startup to grow much faster and drive more revenue.

  • Simple design

A better UI is known for its simplicity in its design. Remember to keep the UI of the app as simple as when you minimize the number of app elements, users do not get distracted because of unnecessary details. Users are more comfortable interacting with the prime elements and not with the extra ones. It is a major factor that improves retention rates.

  • Responsive

The app should be responsive. It means that whenever a user touches down any specific button, it should be fast and the data should load out soon. Design elements should be drawn keeping in mind fitting into the different display screens that users are using. It helps in easy performance in actions and encourages users to invest more time on your platforms while adding higher value to your services.

  • Iterate regularly

Well, the most important factor that every mobile app designer should consider that every app needs to be rechecked timely. As user behavior and the trends in the market keeps on upgrading in time, it is necessary to upgrade your app UI design effectively.

It helps in gaining higher conversions as changes made in relevance with the latest market trends and the need of the users influence the success of the UI design.

  • Popular icons

When we certainly use an app on a regular basis, then we become familiar with certain icons. So, try to use the icons that are visually popular to the users. Captivating icons can relateusers to respected functionalities without even reading the label.

Popular icons are used to make the user know what an app element is assigned for. It enhances engagement and delivers higher ROI.

  • Loading speed

Focusing on speed is one of the best design tips for a startup as it is the biggest reason for a user to use the app or uninstall it in a flash. Faster loading speed increases user interaction. When UI elements take more than the expected time to load out, then the user is likely to get frustrated. So, optimize your app speed frequently as all your efforts can go in vain.

  • Maintain consistency

Among other practices, this one is the best for app designing. Maintaining consistency is what UI mobility experts thrive for. It implies using the same font style, design icons, and color all in the app screen and that too in the same order.

  • Platform-based rules

Apple and Google have already said guidelines for mobile app design for both the platforms, iOS and Android. Always follow the guidelines provided by them as they help in improving the look and feel of your application on the respective platform.  Craft your app nicely to attract more user retention.

  • Testing

Well, it might be possible that even if you introduce UI design in your app to a maximum perfect level and still it doesn’t work out as you expected. In such cases, what is most affected is user experience.

It is necessary to invest your efforts into the testing of your app. when you test your app in the real environment then you get to know all faults in the app and can be corrected in time before the launch of the app.

It helps bring a positive impact on the users as in-depth testing helps UI/UX designers to test icons and other elements for different conditions that might differ from user to user.

Now for the additional information, we would like to show some insight technologies and trends that you should look for in 2020 and beyond.

  • Conversational interface
  • Overlapping effect
  • Typography
  • Voice-powered interfaces
  • Simple curves and geometry
  • Virtual reality
  • Navigational elements
  • 3D Graphics
  • Storytelling
  • Augmented reality
  • Opacity
  • Animation
  • Color/shape contrast
  • Artificial intelligence
  • White space
  • Custom illustration interfaces


For a great mobile app, you need to have a nice development strategy. Designing an app isn’t easy, so even if you are hiring the designer or doing it by yourself- it is important to keep the app design tips in mind. Go for creativity in order to let your app shine.

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