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Mobile Apps To Trim Down Obesity

Obesity is a worldwide issue. Whether it’s adults or children, obesity is witnessed among the all-age group. Numbers suggest that almost 17% of children in the US are obese and around one-third of children are obese or overweight before turning nine.

Childhood obesity is an issue in almost every developing or developed country, and one of the perennial reasons for this is the readily available unhealthy food. Although no parent would intentionally give their child unhealthy food, still studies have confirmed that one in five American children are clinically obese as early on as a primary school.

Parents are wondering how to get rid of their child’s obesity. Here’s a piece of good news though, obesity isn’t something that can’t be avoided. If your child is already obese, it can be corrected. With technology making innovations every now and then, many apps are available to dispose of the child’s obesity. In this post, I have compiled such applications that offer overweight preventions.

Top Mobile Apps To Trim Down Obesity Among Children

Zombies, Run!

The first app on the list is Zoombies Run. It is a zombie adventure story that focuses on getting you moving. It is an optimized immersive running game and audio adventure that helps overweight kids to a great extent. Some of the exciting features of the app include,

  • Zombies, Run, can be used anywhere and works well at any speed
  • It also supports the wearable OS apps
  • Offers you weekly missions to help you engage better
  • Can be downloaded on both iOS and Android platforms


The primary reason for obesity is unhealthy fooding. To tackle this, the Loseit app is the best measure. The app tracks the calorie intake and also gives reminders when it is time to log. Some of the alluring features of the app include,

  • You can set goals and then track your food exercise
  • You can keep a count on your calorie intake, age, weight, and height
  • Click the photo of the food you are having, and the app will calculate the calories in it
  • The app can sync various fitness apps
  • Available for both iOS and Android devices

Kids Yoga Deck

As the name suggests, Kids Yoga Deck is a popular exercise app for kids as it teaches them yoga and other exercises. Yoga is a necessity to keep your mind and soul tranquil, and this app is perfect for doing so. Some of the interesting features of the app include,

  • Gives a detailed view of how an exercise should be performed
  • Helps in building muscle, calm the mind and stretch the body
  • A deck of 52 cards offering child-friendly yoga posses
  • The sequence is quite easy to follow
  • Exclusively available for iOS downloads

Habit List

The next app in the queue is the Habit List. Anyone looking to lose weight should change his/her habits, and this app helps with the same. The app is about building good habits to help you in reducing weight. Some of the notable features of the app are,

  • The UI is immersive and easy to use
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Offers numerous reminders and badges to stay on track
  • Displays different streaks to help user gain motivation
  • Available for free download on iOS platforms


The next app on the list is Noom. It is one of the most popular apps for weight loss as it helps users by making sustainable lifestyle changes. It assigns a daily calorie budget according to your lifestyle and then allows users to track food intake via a database that includes more than 3.5 million foods. Some of the interesting features of the app are,

  • The app offers personalized health coaching
  • With Noom, you can encourage the consumption of nutrient-dense foods through a color-coded system.
  • Offers support via community groups and live chats
  • Available for downloads on both iOS and Android platforms

Positive Penguins

The primary focus of Positive Penguins is to help children with their feelings. When these feelings are negative, they result in obesity among children. It is a fun game with a resilience strategy based on the idea that the negative stories that may not be wrong are sometimes not true. Other notable features of the app include,

  • Gives children a lesson on how to be resilient and deal with bullying
  • Keeps children positive and motivated during the weight loss journey
  • Children can solve complex problems with fun in a playful manner
  • Free to download on iOS devices


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Time to wrap up: 

So here it is, a list of the best apps to reduce obesity among children. Being a parent, if you are scratching your heads to reduce obesity in your child, try using any of these apps, and share your experience down in the comment section.

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