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Ratings & reviews on App Store and Google Play store are the livelihoods of the mobile application app world. They offer social evidence and are accountable for making the initial impression on a buyer when they come across your application in the app stores. In a user survey that we carried out, 77% of respondents accounted that they interpret at least one assessment ahead of downloading a free application, and that number improved to 80% before downloading a paid app.

Moreover, 55% of respondents mentioned a one-star/two-star app store rating of a renowned brand’s app harmfully impacts their sight of the brand altogether. Besides, 71% of respondents indicated the four-star/five-star app store rating of a famous brand optimistically affects their outlook of the brand entirely. It’s evident that application ratings & reviews on App Store and Google Play store aren’t only vanity metrics; they have real consequences on conversion rates and brand reputation.

How App Store and Google Play Ratings Power Conversions?

The star rating for iOS OS cultivated by 126%, on a standard, from 2017 to 2019, with a common boost of 97%. Our core conclusion from this study is the Apple rating rapid has been an undeniable win in terms of the total of ratings and standard rating. However, this approaches at the expenditure of the number of reviews (i.e., straight response about your application from customers), and latently the excellence of those reviews.

In this scenario, “more” doesn’t all the time mean “better.” On the other hand, Android saw a 9.5% decline in the standard volume of ratings; however, a small median boost at 3.5%.

List of  Top 6 Ways to Improve User App Ratings & Reviews on App Store and Google Play

6 Ways to Improve User Rating on app store and google play

  • Build a Great Product
  • Keep Enhancing It
  • Reward them for Rating
  • A/B Test Your Prompts
  • Find Out Most Engaged Users
  • Make Use of Social Media to Get Response

Detailed About Top 6 Ways to Improve User App Ratings & Reviews on App Store and Google Play

• Build a Great Product

The primary objective to attain is to develop an application, which offers distinct and essential worth to the users & solves a requirement. For this, you can hire a trusted app development as well. The victorious ones have a price proposition, which is simple to recognize, for instance, Skype offers a resolution for video calls, Google Maps assist discover quickest routes to go to places, Messenger assists get to your friends’ system in a fast and straightforward way.

Ensure the users comprehend the significance of your product. Your mobile app must function fine, so modernize it often, resolve bugs and steadily work on enhancing user experience. Make your users pleased- and positive ratings will pursue!

• Keep Enhancing It

Use ratings & reviews as an awakening call, a prompt to development. If you resolve a bug, which didn’t allow your user to enjoy the mobile app and sourced an unenthusiastic assessment, there is forever a possibility that the user is going to change his rating. At times, negative reviews are capable of having great notions about new features that you wish to comprise in your roadmap. Moreover, you need to reply to all the negative reviews & engage users to maintain the interaction with you in private.

• Reward them for Rating

Games acquire 60% of the entire ratings! Guess why? Since they are engaging & inspiring users to exceed their objectives and struggle for more. Go for engaging your users in order to leave a response by building a game all over it. For instance, provide your users with a little prize, such as a group of in-app currency or goods, discounts or any other exclusive content. You need to keep this in mind that both Google Play and App Store have protocols about contests & rewards, thus verify them cautiously earlier than you set this up.

• A/B Test Your Prompts

Nevertheless, simple your prompt may be, it is forever feasible that a few of the audiences won’t have a distinct notion of what are you requesting them to perform. Practice displays that app developers’ suppositions have little in ordinary with genuine users’ behavior – as a result, the simplest method to figure out if your prompt actually functions, is A/B testing it. Create a hypothesis and begin testing diverse options of your ranking prompt – an act as easy as displaying the 5 stars can be directed to a significant enhancement in reply rate and standard rating score.

• Find Out Most Engaged Users

Not everybody who makes use of your mobile app is contented about it. Some perhaps are bored, facing bug issues or additional difficulties, or be on the rim of uninstalling it. You don’t desire all these miserable users to finish on the stores giving you a low rating. In its place, you would like to recognize the happiest & most engaged users to request feedback from. After all, you must have developed your app by hiring the best mobile app developers. Hence, to find the involved users, you need to do certain things, like ask about their view first, make sure bad reviews continue to stay out of your app’s page, and the customers who get to rank you will most probably offer you 5-star ratings.

• Make Use of Social Media to Get Response

Why not request your current fans to rate your application? If you have an active community developed around your manufactured goods, employ this authority to boost the number of installs & hence, ratings. Request the users to rate, as well as review your mobile app via social media accounts, as well as email newsletters. Build a trail for social media sharing & construct the majority of word of mouth internet marketing. Supporting your users to divide their ratings into social media accounts is going to aid you in developing faith amid the system of these users & therefore widen your audience reach.

Final Thoughts on User Ratings

User response is necessary for developing a winning approach. It has a straight impact on top charts, ASO, and powering store ranking algorithms for hunt. Besides, ratings & reviews on App Store and Google Play store have a straight effect on manufactured goods page visitors & can induce or dishearten them from downloading and trying your mobile app or game. This is the reason why it is so significant to cautious of ratings & work hard on gathering more and improved feedback. In a whole, these are the proven hacks you can pertain right away to increase your ratings:

• Develop a great product & keep enhancing it
• Persuade users to put down feedback; however, don’t get irritating
• Recognize the most occupied users by prompting them initially
• Keep an eye on negative reviews on App Store and Google Play store and keep them away from the app stores by offering a customer support center.

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