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Top Writing Apps To Aid You In Writing

Writing over the internet is one of the most common things nowadays. Whether you are writing webmail, a blog post, an article, or even a full-on novel, you need the correct writing tools to make your writing look flawless. But what are these tools?

Well, this post sets out to answer that question. Here, we have compiled a list of the best writing apps to aid you while writing, both offline and online. So without wasting any further time, let us start with the compilation.


8 Best Writing Apps



Ulysses is a writing app that provides a unique content creation experience. The app organizes all of your content and then gets out of the way with a distraction-free editor full of extensive features like word count goals, simple markup, and much more. Some other notable features of the app include,

  • You can publish your write up directly from Ulysses to WordPress.
  • Offers various color schemes
  • All writing files get organized in a solitary library.
  • Automatic sync to iCloud or Dropbox
  • Header markups are available (H1, H2, H3, etc.)
  • Available for Mac OS and iOS


Pure Writer

One of the most common things while writing is losing data. We often lose data due to accidental deletion or when we forget to save it. However, with Pure Writer, you don’t have to worry about losing your data. The app makes sure that your data is encrypted, in case it is not saved on your device. Some other prominent features of Pure Writer are,

  • The app is a fast plain text editor that lets you effortlessly craft your thoughts into a beautiful piece of writing.
  • It checks whether the content is saved every two seconds in the database
  • Offers line and paragraph spacing feature
  • The app is available for Windows and Android devices



FocusWriter, as the name suggests, is a distraction-free writing app that helps you boost productivity along with setting goals. Some of the notable features of the app include,

  • You can set timers and alarms as per your need
  • Customize the app’s appearance to find something pleasing in the eyes
  • Auto-save feature included
  • Run across Windows, Linux, and Mac OS platforms



The next app on the list is Fargo. It is a lightweight tool for simple outlining and note-taking. It may not be a suitable app for long-form blog or article writing, but it is a great writing app for jotting down ideas and sketching out outlines. Some of the most noticeable features of Fargo are,

  • Being an HTML5, you can run this app on any platform. The only thing you need is a browser.
  • All your documents are stored automatically in Dropbox.
  • Offers hierarchical organizing



The next app on the list is WriteMonkey. It is another lightweight, a complication-free application that calls itself a ‘Zenware.’ Despite being lightweight, it still offers features in abundance like,

  • No installation is required. The app can run off a USB drive.
  • Offers a distraction-free editing
  • Visual progress towards word count
  • Made for Windows platform


iA Writer

Build for the macOS, iA Writer is a plain-text writing app that includes helpful tools like estimated word counts, markup, focus mode, content blocks for tables/images, and much more. Other promising features of the app include,

  • Easy markup- i.e., you don’t need to leave your keyboard.
  • The app can automatically sync between devices.
  • The focus mode dims all text except for the current sentence.
  • You can also directly export your content to WordPress.


OmmWriter Dana

Not just being a text editor, the OmmWriter Dana includes sounds and audio to help in creating a relaxing writing environment. The app is good for rookies, but the established writers may not like the app as it lacks detailed editing and formatting features. Below are some of the notable features of the app.

  • You can customize the background color themes and set your mood
  • Relaxing ambient music to give you a soothing work experience
  • Available on Windows and macOS



yWriter is a book writing app designed for Windows in a similar vein to Scrivener. The app boasts a well-organized interface that helps you divide your stories into scenes and chapters, making it less stressful for easily intimidated writers. Some interesting features of the app are,

  • The app tracks your progress
  • Complies a storyboard to review your narratives and reports you can generate about your daily word count
  • It is a free writing app that runs specifically on Windows


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Time to wrap up: 

So here it is, a list of the best writing apps that comprises a plethora of features to aid writers in the best possible manner. Whether you are looking for a simple plain text editor, r a detailed app capable of creating screenplays and manuscripts, there should be an app for almost every need of a writer in this list. Yes, I know there’s a big world out there for you, and there are numerous uncountable apps available for writers.

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