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The American micro-blogging platform Twitter is finally rolling out a new audio tweet feature to its platform. It is a new type of tweet through which users can easily record their voices and share audio tweets. Well, this feature is available for only a few users initially but soon will be available to all the iOS users in the upcoming time.

It will be an easy way to share the thoughts with the audience of the huge platform. The company will make this new feature accessible to all iOS users “in the coming weeks.” There are no reports regarding Android or web rollout of this feature yet.

Highlights Of The Audio Tweets Twitter

1. The new feature of giving user’s ability to record audio snippets in a hassle-free manner.

2. You can attach an audio snippet with your tweets.

3. The audio feature is accessible first on iOS devices and that too for a limited group of people initially.

4. The new feature will be soon rolled out to all the users.

5. The users who got access to this feature see a new waveform icon beside the camera icon while recording an audio tweet.

6. The Audio tweet feature can only be used in original tweets, so you cannot reply using this option.

The social media platform users with access to the latest feature can now make more clear tweets. The process of using this Audio tweets twitter new feature is quite easy and straightforward. Previously users can write down a fresh tweet as they usually might, but now they can use more options to make their tweet more appealing. It is easy to attach a voice record and send a quick audio message on your account.

Since 2006, people use this platform for posting messages, videos, gifs, photos, and much to share their views about various things. The platform allows 140 characters space to express the ideas initially, but soon it allowed some extra characters to add your style and persona to the discussions.

The people still feel that 280 characters are not sufficient, and some things are missing in the conversion to maintain the character limit. So to end this situation, the company has started rolling out the new audio testing feature that will add more value to your words. You can convey the right message without any confusion. This feature adds more human touch to the means we use the micro-blogging platform Twitter.

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In addition to the above, you can record the audio snippets on your iOS device and add them to your tweets. In case you are an Apple device user and if you got access to it, you’ll observe a new waveform symbol next to the camera icon when creating a fresh tweet. When you tap on that icon a recording button will appear at the bottom of the screen, which you can use for audio tweets on iOS.

The audio tweet easily captures up to 140 seconds of audio. In case you feel that you want more to add in your audio, then continuously tap on the recording button a fresh voice tweet starts repeatedly to create a thread of your audio tweets.

The Audio tweets twitter feature can only be added to fresh tweets, and you cannot use this feature in your comments or retweets. The next important thing that you need to consider while recording a tweet is that no matter what your profile picture is at the time of tweeting an audio clip, it will always remain attached to that audio tweet. In simpler words, we can say that your current profile photo will be added as a stationary picture on your voice clip attachment and will not change even if you change the profile photo later.

It is easy to listen to your audio tweets by simply pressing the play button. On iOS mobiles, a dock will come into view near the bottom of the application, so you can pay attention to audio tweets and keep on scrolling through your timeline. The best part about these tweets is that you can play these clips in the background while using another app.

Twitter: Audio Tweets On IOS

Twitter Audio tweets will also come with some new challenges for the platform. The factor thing to remember is the accessibility factor. For now, all the news channels and leading platforms are asking the American multi blogging company Twitter for more information about the new feature.

The main point of concern is to make this feature easier for people with hearing issues. It will be interesting to witness the way how the company is going to face this challenge and explore new ways to help people with diverse abilities.

Twitter’s conciseness has always been a maximum amount that the social network has seemed to drive up against fresh products. The company is always trying to offer its billions of users with the best experience. In 2017, the company exceeded its limit on tweets from 140 characters to 280 characters. This extension helped people to share their views in a much-elaborated form.

The long tweets feature along with audio clips to 140 seconds will be helpful in many aspects. For users who want to share some points but get disappointed when the limit is reached, now can tweet with the audio thread feature beneath the original tweet, thus allowing the thoughts to keep on pouring out.


This new feature rolled out shows that Twitter is not planning to turn into a podcast platform, but is planning to boost the experience of its users with novel features. The company is hoping that this feature will enable a unique kind of message that seamlessly fits into the current conversation flows. Moreover, the company has not yet rolled out this feature to its users because there are several challenges that company has to fix yet.

Twitter certainly has to make few implementations to its audio feature like flagging harassment. The decoding process in audio snippets is a much time-consuming process for systems. Furthermore, for now, the audio tweets on iOS have been a progressing drift in social networking. From the past few years, audio messages are gaining huge recognition in Silicon Valley. The company has gathered a lot of attention from the past few months.

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